Princesa Sultana Sua Vida, Sua Luta * Resenha Do Livro on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including. Agora, neste novo livro, “Sultana” fala-nos das suas duas filhas: uma que se atreveu a ter uma relação proibida, com outra mulher; a segunda que se tornou. Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. Princesa sultana – Trilogia da princesa: Sua vida, sua luta. Jean Sasson.

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I will be travelling to the Middle East in a few weeks, and I feel like this has helped liro to begin the process of understanding a culture that I was quite ignorant of before.

Princess: Secrets to Share

Islam remains misconstrued and misinterpreted even among the people who speak the language of its holy book. Apr 17, Ally rated it it was ok. Haripriya Ramakrishnan I think there is a Kindle version.

This book was fascinating!!

Princess: Secrets to Share by Jean Sasson

This Books shows how women are perceived in the Arab world. Princess is a testimony to a woman of indomitable spirit and great courage. The lack of equality and hidden helplessness makes it a sad and bitter read. The film was produced under the East India Film Company banner. First of all let me start by saying this book is not for the faint of heart, it involves a lot of heart wrenchinggut tearing real life happenings that will make the strongest of strong brake down in tears. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: This book is definitely not an easy read but it would give you a pretty accurate insight about inner workings of the Saudi society and about the wretched status of their women.

The rich are absolutely disgusting.


Her mother, Princess Al-Saud, knew but kept it secret from the father, but when her jealous younger sister snooped in her mother’s room and found a letter from the older sister about what she was doing, she told the father and all hell broke loose.

In the international bestseller Princess: For example, we follow the work of Dr Meena, the young woman who helps abused women to heal and to fight for their rights, the abandoned mother of twin daughters who was rescued by the Princess and who now lives and works in safety and peace with her family; and we hear from other innocent victims — women from Pakistan, Syria and Northern Lebanon — who suffer the terrible consequences of the ongoing war in the region.


The treatment of women in Saudi Arabia breaches all forms of human rights and cross all borders of humanity! This one was in the social sciences section. We almost always attended a dinner party in the evenings, for we were of a most select group that entertained mixed couples The institutionalized sexual abuse that is protected by the Islamic religion in Saudi Arabia is incredibly disturbing.


Other books in the series. I did not give it a 4 or 5 because I found it to be emotionally disturbing. Customers who bought this item also bought. If it ain’t broke for you why bother to care about it ch The truth of the matter is that things aren’t going to change over there for women because the people in power men don’t want it to change and the men here don’t give a shit.

What exactly was the point of that? There are several things that make a good book – the script, the story, the characters. I was totally shocked by many of the ways women are treated versus men.

The princess and her family live off oil money. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. They stick to her nose and mouth. She The writing is plain, simple,elementary, but I was willing to overlook this in the vain hope that at some point in the story there would be depth. Not to even to move the car if your husband leaves you in it to run into the store and a cop tells you it needs to be moved. Although it would have probably been best to start from the beginning, I was still able to understand and appreciate the narrative.

The males are heinous, throw loved puppies out of windows, import whores from France for the weekend, buy identical Porsches for their 16 year old son for each house they own around the world.

The princess tells stories of unfathomable, common cruelty: This was the first in the Princess series sulfana I have read. An estimated 1, of her 2, passengers died when three of the boat’s four boilers exploded and she burned to the waterline and sank near Memphis, Tennessee.


Sultana remarks that it is a vicious cycle perpetrated over and over.

Please world, don’t think for a second that all of the things about Islam in this book are true. The stories told as big secrets and controversies, was taken exactly from the news and public sources. A really good read and worth the time! Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I was not prepared for the startling realism portrayed in this sutlana. Dan walaupun para lelaki ini sudah sering ‘bermain’ dengan perempuan-perempuan yang sering mereka maki dan cemooh sebagai pelacur tapi untuk istri haruslah seorang perawan tulen.

That, mixed in with conversations she has and very awkward letters she receives, makes this book very unsatisfying. Want to Read saving….

Princesa Sultana Sua Vida, Sua Luta * Resenha Do Livro

This disaster has long been overshadowed in the press by other contemporary events; John Sultans BoothPresident Lincoln’s assassin, was killed the day before. Orangtua Sultana adalah anggota kerabat kerajaan Saudi Arabia, sebuah negeri yang dikendalikan oleh kaum laki-laki karena di negeri ini perempuan tidak mempunyai suara sama sekali. For the first time, a royal Saudi woman opens the door to give readers an unvarnished look inside a closed society.

The lifestyle of Sultana is at times grandeous her husband has three private Leer jets and at times distressing her brother threw a puppy out the window because he got bored.

It’s not the easy reading I’m accustomed to and has raised my awareness of the plight of women in Middle Livgo countries. Perhaps the most powerful moment in the book is when a Lebanese woman sitting near her on a plane tells the princess that she hates Saudis, they’ll put a price on anything.

Princess; December Buddy 43 31 Dec 18, And when things were at their worst, you had unlimited financial resources and gullible private plane pilots at your disposal so you could run away undetected, taking your children with you.