When the Linn drum is running on external sync, the trigger output will follow the tempo of the sync input. The Sync output will follow the tempo of the internal. There’s a jpeg manual here but you need to be a member: if you have a specific question I. The LinnDrum is a powerful creative tool for the musician, songwriter, or home recordist. Imagine having a Owner’s or Service Manual (each). $

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A “song” in the LinnDrum is simply a list of rhythm patterns to be played in sequence, one after another. When power is turned on, LlnnDrum is always In “pattern” mode. This control adjusts the overall volume of the stereo mixer, while having no effect on the individual outputs. This button has two functions, BPM: It is possible, however, to change to a mode in which all songs automatically stop after the last step entered.

Owner’s or Service Manual each. The Left and Right arrow buttons act as “rewind” and “fast forward” to quickly locate any step in the song for editing. This function aliapllfies the task of doubling the length of a repeating maual a tuo measure pattern becomes four measures by copying the data if anyj which exists under a pattern number into a newly created second half, No data is lost, but rather a mirror image of the pattern whatever the eitstlng length is created and added on to the end of itself.

Then, while listening to it, add your snare pattern. You nay uiEh to store some patterns first for later re- manuall. Next, while holding ENTER, type in the list of two-digit rhythm patterns as “steps” in the song, in the order they are to be played.

Simply wait until the error “loops back around,” then hold ERASE and the button of the drum to be erased, simultaneously. At Linn Electronics, research into why drummers sound better linndrun drum machines revealed one important fact: To chanse the “feel” timing setting of the selected rhythm pattern: In “aong” mode, the buttons facilitate the functions printed above the huttona.


To change the feel of an existing rhythm pattern from one setting to another, simply press AFTER and the button directly below lnndrum desired setting A-F.

The louder click indicates the start of measure 1. The recordingE used in LlnnDrum were selected based on drum sounds conmonly found in popular music. To change to s different song number, continue holding down SOMGand type In the ilnndrum of the song you want to access.

So that data on the cassette can be easily found.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

So that data on the cassette can be inOejed and therefore more easily found. The first 42 contain presets, and the last 56 are left blank for creating your own rhythm patterns any of the presets may be erased to provide more room for programming. Truly, the LinnDrum must be heard to be believed.

The LinnDrum has an internal capacity of 49 songs, each with its own set of 99 steps. The follouing describes a typical use of error correct!

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

LinnDrum has a capacity of 98 rhythm patterns. This mode Is used uhen it is desired to store only the currently selected sofiB- The list of steps in the song is stored, as well as all rhythm patterns which occur In the song.

Beware of cheap units— they manial very poor data recorders. From that point on, linndrhm additional recording on the selected rhythm pattern ulll play back on tne new timing setting.

It should be as loud as possible without distorting. Indicating the selected rhythm has been changefl. For example, to “fii” a poorly recorded snare track, plug the tape recorder’s output into trigger input fl normally assigned to snare. The pattern you have created is now permanently stored under the selected pattern number, even with power removed.

Playing the majual wJJl determine the pitch only. Internally suitchafele to volts AC. In the HIXER section of the front panelf the lower row of sliders varies the drum volumes in the stereo saix.


This warranty la iaaued to the Original purohaser only, is non-transferable, and is subject to ttie following conditions: Line level output Is not adequate.

This allows the LinnDrum player the option of changing his part, or overdubbing new parts any time during the production of the song. Place your order for one today before they’re all gone! When the song playa, it will be aisctly as before it was stored to tape except the pattern numbers will be different. Overdubbing LinnDrum to the original recording.

Doubling linhdrum tie repeated any number of times e. For example to “fix” a bad sounding snare track, plug the tape recorder’s output into trigger input 1 normally assigned to snare and play the tape.

For example, first you might record a two-measure bass drum pattern. IJ’ Type In the two-digit pattern number. Adjustments tc this are explained amnual the section: Pressing this button at any time, playing or stopped, will cause the setting of the tempo control in beats-per-minute or frames-per-beat to be shown in the numeric displays, providing digital accuracy without the bother of entering the tempo numerically; TRIGGER: To change to a different error correct setting: If the sound you want is not available from our library, it is possible to have custom chips made from your own tape recordings.

After adjusting the TEMPO control as desired, you may begin entering your rhythm patterns by tapping any of the “drum” buttons in time linndrumm the click! S Select rhythm pattern 11 by typing: Since these inputs accept any audio input, one valuable application is restoring poorly recorded drum tracks.