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During , the PMR in children under 5 years was fold higher in rural areas Lei Miao, . More than 98% of pneumonia deaths occurred in 68 countries where .. ; (): – pmid More than 98% of pneumonia deaths occurred in 68 countries where .. ; (): – doi: /S(10) China has seen the largest human migration in history, and the country’s rapid urbanisation has important The growing disease burden in urban areas attributable to nutrition and lifestyle choices is a major ;– in Chinese. [PubMed]. Lin YJ, Lei RY, Luo YX, et al. Mar 27; ( )

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Urbanisation and health in China

However, most cases were diagnosed in the healthcare facilities confirmed by auxiliary examinations i. To insure the data quality, we did national training for the additional sites in before expanding, and conducted provincial and prefectural strengthened trainings in and The proportion of system health management of children under 3 years, an indicator of health care accessibility, increased from People’s Medical Publishing House; Supplementary Material Appendix Click here to view.

This can be partly interpreted by the dd that more health promotion programs and measures were firstly implemented in the surveillance sites. Status of occupational leei safety and health hazards and its intervention in migrant workers in China.

Poisson regression was used to calculate the annual decline rate of PMR.

The PMRs in neonates dayspost-neonates monthsand childhood months were reduced by lwi Data collection forms and processes.


Analysis of immunization coverage rate and its influencing factor of floating children in Zhujiang Delta River Area of Guangdong Province. China — satellite remote sensing mapping of urban expansion.

By the end of the 20 th century, pneumonia was the first and second leading cause of death among children pei 5 in rural and urban areas df China, respectively [ 8 — 10 ]. Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey The gap between China and developed countries are even greater. Push factors Economic Agricultural failure. Urbanisation is proceeding rapidly even though nearly half of China’s major cities do not comply with health-based standards for drinking water.

MCH institutions at other levels carry out annually quality control in sampling area.

In order to explore the site-expanding effect, we calculated the PMR with only the original sites, and found that the PMR was lower in the original sites during —, although no statistical significance was observed. Reform of how health care is paid for in China: Estimates of world-wide distribution of child deaths from acute respiratory infections.

Peking Union Medical College Press; Worldwide, the urban—rural gap in the distribution of overweight and hypertension diminishes with increasing country-level wealth and development. Therefore, China is still facing the challenge of ending preventable pneumonia-caused deaths in children by [ 35 ].

Hajjeh R, Whitney CG. Urbanization and the spread of diseases of affluence in China.

Pull factors Economic Prospects for high income and remittance. Conclusions 1998 the fast economic growth and implementation of governmental policies and strategies in child health, the PMRs among children under 5 have substantially decreased in both urban and rural areas of China from to High quality health care as a pull factor driving migration to urban areas has not been addressed, but is unlikely to be a strong driver in view of the challenges that rural migrants have faced over the past two decades with access to health insurance and 11998 care in urban areas.


Undermortality re and causes of death in China, to Chin J Vacc Immun. An important economic effect of migration is to provide a large labour pool for productive activities in urban areas appendix.

Urbanisation and health in China

Please see the S2 File for the process for assessment of causes of death. However, the proportion of children without healthcare facility diagnosis is low 0—3.

Substantial decreases of PMRs from to were observed in all age groups when divided the data into neonates dayspost-neonates 1—11 monthsand childhood 12—59 months. These improvements could be relevant to the implementations of some strategies, including Reduce Maternal Mortality and Eliminate Neonates Tetanus and In-facility Delivery Subsidy etc.

Lower maternal education levels impacted the PMR of children by delaying the recognition of symptoms related to pneumonia and hospital visits. Cancer incidence trends in urban shanghai, — The mortality rate of children under 5 U5MR has been reduced by