Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. With her father imprisoned, year-old Meredith thinks she : Such a Pretty Girl eBook: Laura Wiess: Kindle Store. Laura Wiess. Welcome to the Asylum. Such a Pretty Girl. “Tough, darkly humorous, yet achingly vulnerable. A nail-biter of an ending.” — Kirkus starred review. The Such a Pretty Girl Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and.

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In order to escape Charles, Merideth attempts to run away several times. They’re three-dimensional characters in an equally and, again, scarily believable story that will certainly be a favorite of anyone who reads it.

Oretty you for signing up, fellow book lover! I was expecting her to be strong but relapse when things got rough.

Such a Pretty Girl

I understand the metaphors tied to this, but I never would have put all the pieces together until Meredith spelled it out on literally the very last page She thought her father would be locked away for nine years. Without the structure of my rules and rituals, I’m a free-for-all open to any guy who wants to hurt me.

Now he’s back and this time it’s personal. View all 15 comments.

Such a Pretty Girl

Open Preview See a Problem? Yet, I was most struck by the middle section of this novel where Mer talks about what is supposed to happen to “girls like me” who have been abused. He was Merideth’s father and because the universe is a bitch sometimes, her sucj was released after three years in prison.

Mar 13, Arminzerella rated it it was ok Shelves: She’s an expert at crafting layered, hard-hitting stories. She might as well have been named Snidely Whiplash for how well she was portrayed — if she had had a mustache, she surely would have twirled it while cackling and tying Meredith to the railroad tracks.


And this all happened within the space of one hour period, as this slender volume clocks in at a scant pages. Meredith isn’t alone, though. I have read several books with this topic, but this one was not like any of the others. And Andy, who is confined to his wheelchair and not so incidentally had his own brush with Mer’s father, really does have his own set of messy issues to deal with as much as he loves and wants to protect Meredith. She doesn’t know what that’s going to take, and she’s certainly not unafraid, but she isn’t going to let him hurt her, or any other kids, again.

Meredith has no close girlfriends ggirl own age and the only responsible female adult in her life is her grandma because her Mom is just plain crazy. The relationship between Meredith and Andy provides an important current of sweetness and light to counter the darkness of their combined siess as well as the imminent danger of their entwined presents.

There are many novels out there that deal with this kind of subject, and Such a Pretty Girl is like any of them. Unlike her own mom, this mom has made it her life’s mission to seek vengeance on the man who molested her child.

I haven’t the stomach for it and I tend to emerge so much the worse for wear that I can’t make a habit of them. They need each other to pretth. This book was tragically beautiful. I would have gone longer, I’m sure, but I read two absolutely stellar reviews of it and wanted to try it so bad. This book can be a difficult read because it deals with a difficult subject.


Not many authors will touch this subject and even fewer who do it properly but Laura Wiess is one of those who was lsura to tell her story remarkably well. Because he’s no longer wheelchair bound and preetty now free to date other girls in their full upright position. I am gonna keep this sort and sweet. Her father was supposed to be locked up until Meredith turned eighteen.

And here and there the story is shot through with brief flashbacks to the time in her life when she was most powerless.

Meredith, the heroine of the novel is faced preetty the horrors of having her sexually abusive father back in the picture 3 years after he was sent to prison. I hate that I was once where she was, but it makes me feel good that someday Meredith may end up where I am. This story revolves around Meredith, a 15 year old whose father sexually abused her and has just been released early after serving only 3 years of his 9 year sentence.

Jul 11, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: And I don’t want to hurt anymore.