La caverna / The Cave (Contemporanea) (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La caverna The Cave. Abstract. VELASQUEZ CAMELO, Edgar Enrique. THE CONSUMER SOCIETY IN JOSÉ SARAMAGO’S THE CAVE: THE APPLICATION OF THE CATHARTIC. Abstract. SANCHEZ NARANJO, Jaime Alonso. THE CAVE BY JOSE SARAMAGO : AN APPROACH FROM CULTURAL STUDIES. Escritos – Fac. Filos. Let. Univ.

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By arranging words together into the magic of literature, we are able to point towards a deeper understanding and dig up the buried treasure of substantial meaning. Dec 01, Ivan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Saramago is considered by many to be the Earth’s greatest living writer. He will not, like Marta, call them rejects, for to do so would be to drive them from the world for which they had been born, to deny them as his own work and thus condemn them to a final, definitive orphanhood.

Saramago harnesses his marvelous poetic wit to make the readers hearts ache for the Algor family, and the plight of manual laborers as their livelihood is threatened by ominous forces that place profit and power over quality and general well-being.

And out of this writing he has moulded his characters as representative bonecos or figurine-dolls in clay–without forgetting their dog, the appropriately found Achado — that will behave like projections of ideas and help you notice that your boat can be easily managed and that you can make it take you where you want to go. His flowing prose with continuous dialogues that sweep along uninterrupted lines of text—in which only a Capital letter signals the alternation of voices–; with the periodic authorial guidance that always strips out the unequivocal from trapping conventions; with his shrewd meditations on the nature of language and of creativity; with a much milder and sweeter presence of the humour to which he has accustomed us with other works; and with his inimitable candour and current of tenderness, makes the rowing and reading an exercise in healing serenity.

Ok, This is Saramago.

LA CAVERNA – José Saramago by Ricardo Rojas on Prezi

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I wanted so badly to be able to meet Cipriano, to sit beside him and listen to him talk while I ruffeled his dog Founds’ ears. You can imagine what the old man thinks of this — his life was his work and his identity. One day, the Center, literally the center of commerce in the story, cancels its order for Cipriano’s pottery, leaving the elderly potter’s future in doubt.


Saramago sets this story in xaverna dystopia but it is not far off in the future — we almost live in it now! I wanted to caferna him fill that hollow and wonder what it would look like when we were dead and gone, and I wanted to be there, holding his hand when he entered the Cave, to see what he saw, and know what he knew. What binds joose book together is Saramago’s lifelong concern about satamago. Instead this novel offers a slow glide re the peaceful waters of a lake of nostalgia and wonder.

They stop accepting his pots and he goes there to find out. Saramago has a way of pulling you into his stories and making you a part of what he is writing. In his unique way, love, family, myth, tradition, philosophy, are intertwined in an, apparently, simple dystopian setup, only it is anything but.

La Caverna (the Cave)

Readers unfamiliar with the work of this Portuguese Nobel Prize winner would do well to begin with The Cavea novel of ideas, shaded with suspense.

View all 60 comments. It would be like insulting your own loving grandfather for his bedtime stories, which you know please him to tell as much as they please you to hear. What sells at the Center will sell everywhere else, and what the Center rejects can barely be given away in the surrounding towns and villages. Over the next week, he and his grown daughter Marta grieve for their lost craft, but they gradually open their eyes to the strange bounty of their new condition: The Cave is an exploration of how much we can trust words.

In real saramaggo delicacy doesn’t depend on conflict but on appreciation and the holding of conflict in suspension. Anyway This is an amazing book.

If you havent picked up one of his novels, You have no idea what you are missing.

Now retired, he wanders aimlessly around Disneyland all sadamago. Having this come right on the heels of a multi-page discourse on cliches and their authoritarian nature which included a listing of nearly every possible cliche ever was the straw that broke this camel’s back Yeah, I used one.

How could I NOT give it 5 stars?

Quotes from The Cave. It takes time to sweep in and collect what is said with what is unsaid.

But this is just one of the things described in this page-long chapter. The Cave chronicles the struggles and strife of the kind hearted Algor family, who find themselves in a difficult place when the powerful capital city The Center ceases purchasing their hand-crafted pottery, choosing instead to stock their shelves with plastic dining sets that are cheaper to mass produce, and are bound by a contract forbidding any dealer to the Center, past or present, from selling to anyone else.


Brilliance abounds between the pages of this book. Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in The same method doesn’t work for everyone, each person has to invent his or her own, whichever suits them best, some people spend their entire lives reading but never get beyond reading the words on the page, they don’t understand that the words are merely stepping stones placed across a fast-flowing river, and the reason they’re there is so that we can reach the farther shore, it’s the other side that matters, Unless, Unless what, Unless those rivers don’t have just two shores but many, unless each reader is his or her own shore, and that shore is the only shore worth reaching.

Even power is seen as only assumed and created, keeping people submissive through emotions of fear and hopelessness. There are literally things mentioned on the back jacket which do not happen until around page of the book. The relationships are beautifully complex down to the simple one of a man and his dog, Found. How so much unsaid in fact goes into making the words that are said.

But unlike the corpses which represent us chained against the wall of the bottom of a cave, the figurines are the symbol of the new man, free in this sense, that they were taken out of the oven, image of the cave, exposed outside and the rain process the sludge and the sun dust, returning to their natural origin in an endless cycle of creation.

You are able to identify with their desires, fears and insecurities while at the same time able to look down as the all wise deity feeling as if you are willfully guiding them along the right path.

cavenra View all 19 comments. The book is creeps forward at a very leisurely pace, content to build its themes in authorial asides and intense investigations of mundane actions, which made it easy to set aside whereas other Saramago novels were impossible for me to put down once I’d been hooked.

Saramago hints at the saramaggo beauty of literature and how one idea can be interpreted in multiple ways, each shaping or reaffirming what we hold most dear in our hearts. A character can be full of contradictions, but [it is ] never incoherent