Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow is the first novel by Faëza Guène, who was only nineteen when it was published in The book was embraced and celebrated in France. Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow. Faiza Guene, Author, trans. from the French by Sarah Adams. Harcourt $13 (p) ISBN Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow is written by Faïza Guène, a young French woman of Algerian origin, who wrote the book when she was nineteen, and.

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The voice of the young girl is sometimes angry but it is an anger that is directed to the injustices that are commited around her, and to the people who treat her like an outsider and an unimportant entity, so the anger is very justifiable Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Definitely my favorite read of the year thus far! This book came just in time for my clas, and was in mint condition. Much like enduring the pain of her wisdom teeth, she discovers that “it hurts to learn.

In this novel, told in Doria’s fresh, funny, original voice, the projects outside of Paris aren’t just full of rap, soccer, and crime. I have never understood why so many older child and teenage narrators pepper their stories with “I wish [really bad thing] would happen to [so and so]”.

That jerk didn’t even think about what he was saying, didn’t even ask himself why her signature might be weird. View all 6 comments.

Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow: A Young Woman’s Portrait of Muslims in France

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. That title must also give those tight-arsed asshats at the French Academy nightmares. A very accurate representation of the life of Arabic Immigrants in France.


Narrator Doria’s voice may grate for some readers and the ending is perhaps a bit too neat in that YA way. Seeing how others live in hardship is an enlightening experience. There is love in her mother and friends, and she ends up with a teenage love.

This woman, she’s really a shit-stirrer. Her voice is cynical and hopeful at the same time, something that is difficult to achieve in writing.

Please combine Kiffe kiffe demain. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

A smart older boy, Nabil, is enlisted to tutor Doria, and she soon recognizes the potential of someone with dreams kifre opposed to neighborhood teens like Hamoudi and Youssef, imprisoned for drug dealing and car theft.

It’s also an example of a popular trope of the 90s and 00s, the nerd gets the girl. Mom goes to adult literacy training, Doria tries to finish school but has some obstacles along the way. This is one of those books you can open to any page and find a great one liner, a perfect observation or a memorable incident. The voice of the young girl is sometimes angry but it is an anger that is directed to the injustices that ar A very accurate representation jiffe the life of Arabic Immigrants in France.

How stupid is that? We all need to read it to understand the massacre at Charlie Hebdo.

Subject-wise, it technically has that realist ‘worthiness’ characteristic of the IFFP – it’s about an impoverished French-Moroccan teenage girl living on a tough estate on the outskirts of Paris – but it’s not in the least dry, so ‘worthy’ wasn’t an adjective that occurred to me until afterwards.


That title must also give those tight-arsed asshats at the French Academy nightm The title of this book, Kiffe kiffe demainmust give translators nightmares.

If you’ve ever fallen in love, if you’ve ever had your heart broken, this story is your story.

KIffe Kiffe Tomorrow by Sammy Joe on Prezi

But the rich content, beautifully balanced with a great authorial touch, did balance that. With this book, it felt like things improved a bit, the narrator told us rather than the author showing that she was now more optimistic and then it ended, just like that. The blurb makes the book sound more complicated than it really is. Doria holds it all together. Trouble is, our scriptwriter’s got no talent.

I am headoverheels in love with this novel! It struck me how this wouldn’t have seemed anything remarkable in fiction, or a magazine anecdote, 20 or even 10 years ago – although by then a similar reaction to being ‘ravished’ would have been considered off, and bad writing, by many.

She’s strong and she deals with everything as it comes along, no matter how hard it is.