Event Recorder Configuration provides several parameters to configure RTX for . the application software can use all the instructions and has access to all. This manual describes the CMSIS-RTOS API Version 1 and the reference implementation CMSIS-RTOS RTX which is designed for Cortex-M processor- based. CMSIS-RTOS RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic real-time operating system implementing the CMSIS-RTOS API, a generic RTOS interface for Cortex-M.

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Value range is [] bytes, in multiples of 8 bytes. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Defines maximum number of objects that can be active at the same time. Enables object specific memory allocation. RTX5 provides several parameters to configure the Memory Pool functions.

The configuration file uses Configuration Wizard Annotations. RTX5 provides several parameters to configure the Mutex Management functions. Defines stack size for Rgx thread.

By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. Initialization and filter setup configuration. Initialize Event Recorder during the osKernelInitialize and optionally start event recording. RTX5 provides several parameters to configure the Semaphores functions. Number of concurrent active timer callback functions. Value range is [] Bytes, in multiples of 8.

In other words, threads execute for the duration of their time slice unless a thread’s time slice is given up. Default value is The scheduler mahual activated immediately after the IRQ handler has finished its execution to process the requests stored to the FIFO queue buffer.


For example one can customize the used tick frequency to us by overwriting the configuration using. This allows the debugger to determine the maximum stack usage for each thread.

Normally, this is required for applications that require a functional safety certification as global memory pools are not allowed in this case. Default meil is Privileged mode.

Memory Pool Configuration provides several parameters to configure the Memory Pool functions.

See Object-specific Memory Pools. Global Event Filter Setup. RTX5 allows to execute threads in unprivileged or privileged processor mode.

RL-ARM User’s Guide (MDK v4): RL-ARM User’s Guide

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Timer Configuration provides several parameters to configure the Timer Management functions.

This needs to be set to a non-zero value if any Timer Callbacks need to call secure functions. The numbers have the following priority correlation: For example, an RTOS enables flexible scheduling of system resources like CPU and memory, and offers methods to communicate between tasks. Threads have a amnual allowing faster execution of time-critical parts of a user application.

Modern microcontroller applications frequently have to serve several concurrent activities. Controls the processor mode. Enables object memory usage counters to evaluate the maximum memory pool requirements individually for each RTOS object type.

Object memory usage counters help to evaluate the kei, memory pool requirements for each object type, just like stack watermarking does for threads.

The initial setup starts with a global memory pool for all object types.

CMSIS-RTOS user manual

Value range is []in multiples of rt. Enabling this option significantly increases the execution time of osThreadNew depends on thread stack size. Overview Provides an overview about the RL-RTX basic functions, inter-process communication and technical specifications. Defines how long a thread will execute before a thread switch.


The system configuration covers system-wide settings for the global memory pool, tick frequency, ISR event buffer and round-robin thread switching. Defines the combined stack size for user threads with user-provided stack size.

Defines stack size for Idle thread. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data. Ship your RTX based products without further fees or recurring costs. Each activity gets a separate thread manuzl executes a specific task and to simplify the program structure. Defines priority for timer thread.

CMSIS-RTOS user manual

In privileged processor mode, the application software can use all the instructions and has access to all resources. Because the time slice is typically short only a few millisecondsit appears as though threads execute simultaneously. Value range is [] entries in multiples of 4.

Enable the event generation for specific RTX component groups. The required size of this buffer depends on the number of functions that are called within the interrupt handler. Flexible Scheduling – Choose the best scheduling for rhx application.

Use it if your product requires certification. Defines the combined data storage memory size.