Kalli Purie has struggled with her weight since childhood and has finally found a weight she is happy with. Mostly. Kalli Puri’s book is an essential read. Kalli Purie talks about her diet secrets in her new book Confession Of A Serial Dieter. Kalli Purie wrote a candid book about going from kg to 60 kg. But here’s what it takes to stay at 60 kg all the time.

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The body needed time to adjust to the new weight because I was demanding such a drastic transformation. She goes on trying one after the other famous trainers. I kept going down to 75 kg and returning to 79 kg.

Click here to Enlarge. Read it if you value your body. Not even to try the best dish in the world. Do not let the fries come to the table.

Confessions of a Serial Dieter: Kalli Purie: : Books

About transformation which is not akin to ugly duckling to swan but caterpillar to butterfly. She looked super slim — and super happy — probably the best advertisement for her book!

Kalli Puri’s book is an essential read. Its educational tells you about dietsdemystifies several myths about dieting and all in allmakes you want to get up and do something.

And this could potentially have been a big disaster. Jan 21, Shruti Buddhavarapu rated it puris was ok. Being a dieter not serial though and definitely not the way Purie does and having lived in fatland for a long time, I get where Purie is coming from.


And I absolutely love it.

It’s hardwired into you: And undoubtedly a fun read. Nobody on the table needs it.

I wanted to be in my sixties for the French wedding. Same life but different life forms. See the reader reviews on my website: You stock no biscuits, chocolates, etc at home But they have not done it. Or a salad Post 6 pm: Fat is infectious, so your mind starts losing its edge too. I eat from a small bowl of fruit papaya, orange, green apple, gooseberries, strawberries. I have lost 45 kg and am still counting.

So you uprie confused whom to follow. The plans were less about dinner and more about showing off my new wardrobe. My brother-in-law is French. To end, I would like to mention the line that caught me in awestruck the most believe me for there are many throughout the book: I felt like I was reading my own story: It ruins the appetite anyway.

Having Lost Weight, I Feel I Can Do Anything: Kalli | brunch | Hindustan Times

I enjoyed it and I am starting to follow some of the advice! A real inspiration, or better say thinspiration.

Some tips are terrible and some are downright unhealthy, but overall, this book is definitely one I’d love to have on my shelf! My mind is sharp and all there and I am a multitasking goddess. And it is a small price to kalll. Whenever kallo sweet comes to the house, it is sent away immediately.

Ill keep updating the review s I go on in my journey to lose weight. Your mind, body, soul has to get hooked onto the high of looking good rather than tasting something good.

Celebs at Kalli Purie’s book launch

They have never been in that fat suit. Love brings her weight down from 75 to 58 kg between age 18 and And although this did make me feel holier-than-thou, I had to ppurie my whole diet, which made others feel guilty.


And if you are 20 kg or more than your ideal weight, 5 kg is not very tough but it is a significant amount of weight loss.

And it came about accidentally as all great inventions do. Lastly, all my bits are in harmony. The perfect time to ring in the new year with Purie’s tried-and-tested self creation: I have lost putie in other places too, in the odd places where the fat seeps in and you don’t even know it. Puri gets the psyche of fatties down pat, ppurie manages to come across as a soul sister, but the book hardly teaches you anything you didn’t know, except some stupid ass concoction called The Champagne Diet.

I am no guru.

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At the age of four, I was capable of complicated barters with my friends at pre-school, which left them with my bottle filled with good old tap water and me with their chocolate truffle pastries.

If she can, you can! It’s my very own concoction. Kalli Purie has struggled with her weight since childhood and has finally found a weight she is happy kallii. One, because dinner plans meant I would be sitting at the table drinking Ialli Coke and watching everyone else gorge on food.