Katsuzo Nishi, a Japanese engineer, and Aikido teacher spent much of his early life learning. In addition to being the chief technical engineer for Japan’s first. Cleanse of blood is a real way to restore blood flow and strengthen blood vessels . Katsuzo Nishi, the famous Japanese health practitioner. The Nishi Health System was found by Katsuzo Nishi(~). He compiled any medical science and therapy with eastern philosophy. It’s the counter.

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Finally, shake your arms and legs for 1-minute intervals. Its standard speed is swings per minutes, which amounts roughly to swings in ten minutes.

Katsuzō Nishi – Wikipedia

Katsuzo claims that sleeping on a hard bed, with a rounded pillow or roll, will be beneficial for the digestive organs and the circulatory system. Sit down Japanese style on your knees. Mishi on your back on a hard, flat surface and join your hands and feet together.

After the war he also advised Kisshomaru Ueshiba on reestablishing the Aikikai Foundation after the war. Move and speed kacudzk the exercise in moderation. This exercise has multiple health benefits, helping with scoliosis, adjusting any deviated vertebra, relieving undue strains and injuries, associated with the spinal kacuzo.

Nishi Shiki Nishi Health System was founded inbut the exercises and health practices are all relevant for people worldwide today. This exercise should be practiced rot ten minutes, every morning and evening.

6 Japanese Rules for Those Who Want to Become Stronger and Healthier

The 6 Laws of the Nishi Health System: When we watch people involved in Aikido, we see that their stance is like an equilateral tetrahedron. This exercise is extremely beneficial for your health, because of the efficient stimulation of the body components coordination.


Katsuzo Nishi, a Japanese engineer, and Aikido teacher spent much of his early life learning. Swing your upper body, centering on your hips, for about 10 minutes. Raise both your arms and legs into the air and release any tension in them. When finished, rest with your hands and feet are kcaudzo in for about 2 minutes before repeating the movement. The exercises that Katsuko focuses on kacuvzo Nishi Health System are one aspect of a greater practice, which combines exercise, proper diet, skin, and the psychological state.

They change in various ways, extending and drawing, without losing their centered balance. Stay happy, stay hungry, and stay on Healthy Holistic Living. Theirs are completely controlled figures. This work shows just how connected each aspect of the body is, and how important it is to continue to work on each part of ourselves so that we can remain healthy and live longer.

Retrieved from ” https: While practicing Nichi System is helpful in any age, the accumulated internal damages over the lifetime make its use for the aging organism the mere necessity. These articles are sourced and shared with permission so you get all the news that’s fit to keep you in good physical and mental health.

Furthermore, based on the structure of the human network of arteries and veins, Nishi refuted the heart-driven blood circulation theory of William Harvey, proposing instead a theory that the capillaries provided the true driving force of the circulatory system.


Nisih you choose to switch to using a roller instead of a pillow, you may choose to wrap it in a few layers of fabric, to begin with, as some people can find the adjustment to be uncomfortable. Bend the head leftward to stimulating the jugular vein and lymphatic gland in the right neck.

Posted by Michael Pekker at Move the shoulders up and down, helping to release tension. In both approaches, you will look more or less as a goldfish in the water.

So, to correct disturbances in body and mind and assure a good health is the purpose of the Six Rules of Nishi medicine: Place a solid roller under the 3rd and 4th vertebrae of your neck.

When you are in an inclined position, pump your abdomen. Do this for 1-minute intervals.

Katsuzō Nishi

It helps to improve blood circulation and restore proper functionality of the internal organs. The ventral movement, which is done as follows, should accompany this swinging movement: Newer Post Older Post Home.

In particular, it is useful for the proper functioning of the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels around pelvis, abdomen, and thighs. Upon completion of the preparatory exercises, you must release yourselves by opening the palms and placing them lengthwise upon the laps, before passing into the dorso- ventral exercise.