Revolt Against the Modern World has ratings and 34 reviews. Chris said: Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola is a book so breathtaking, so. With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that. REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD. A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO Julius EVOLA. He sees it as the highest of devotions, precisely because it places .

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Revolt Against the Modern World – Wikipedia

These are the ancient rhythms that overlap the symmetry of space and override the black spans of an abyss. Thus, violence and bellicosity have always been consistent with the spirituality of the mother; hence the chaos at the end of the Atlantean Age. Kingship is often associated with the solar symbol. Well, sure, why not. First edition English hardcover, moderh by Inner Traditions in Retrieved from ” https: But what is this reflected in?

With Both Hands

The knowledge it produces cannot lead to spiritual liberation. In America there is the opposite of the Golden Age. All of John’s posts here An archive of John’s site. That which is traditional in Catholicism is not Christian.

Evola is not fond of Christianity, and finds in it the seeds of civilizational decline. The Aryan worldview began to dissipate in India when the identity of Atman and Brahman was interpreted pantheistically.


The Long View: Revolt Against the Modern World — With Both Hands

After the Golden Age ended, primordial men spread throughout the northern world, into Eurasia and the Americas, and also into Atlantis. Pharaoh becomes a mere representative of deity; he is no longer transcendence himself.

For Nietzsche, the warrior and the priest are oppositional figures, because Nietzsche opposes the self-effacing spiritual realm with the hearty moral aestheticism of the world as it is – saying “yes” to life – while for Evola, everything comes form the transcendent singularity, so every “earthly” activity bears its meaning in relation to the transcendent ideal; what Platonists would refer to as the world of the forms. In the Demetrian context, the solar is just an emanation of the mother.

They are manifestations of the archetypal mother goddess who claims stewardship over the Earth, because the Earth is feminine; it is a womb that is continuously fertilized by the sun and the rain. Time was arranged in cycles, each point of which differed from every other. Absolutne veldielo, toto bz malo vijst v slovencine. This book could use some of that.

Democracy was really a victory of Asia Minor.

The natural candidates for this cult are perturbed, broken people. However, Evola’s historical model is quite different, except for the emphasis on modern decline. The personalities of ordinary people dissolve after death, leaving the shadow, which fades away in due course. After the Roman Empire fell, Christianity long prevented European man from taking the spiritual path of action, which would have been most congenial to him.


Revolt Against the Modern World

However, a rebellious substratum remains. Oct 28, Brett Green rated it really liked it Shelves: Flaws in Europe’s religious tradition, added to political opportunism, preclude such an environment arising. It would seem to me that Evola was one of those idealists who took what Stirner was saying about the self being a “creative nothing” entirely seriously. Doctrine of the two natures reflects the relationship that exists between state and people.

The domains explored include politics, law, the rise and fall of empires, the history of the Church, the doctrine of the two natures, life and death, social institutions and the caste system, the limits of racial theories, capitalism and communism, relations between the sexes, and the meaning of warriorhood. Evola differs from the early mythographers only in his insistence that magic works.

Not sure what I was expecting but I’m enjoying it. Mount Meru, Shambhala, Olympus, Asgard.