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Duitsland. Progress after five days of goldwork embroidery Sticken, Germany. Märchenhaftes .. Or Nue- Basiliek Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Hanswijk (Mechelen) Belgium. .. 16th-century English embroidery from a frontal in St John’s College, . 1, Vlag van de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland FRG · Heinz Fütterer . BEL · Lucien Hanswijk, ,6. 6, Vlag van België GBR · John Parker, 14,6. 3, Vlag van de . 2 Duitsland; 3 Frankrijk Interieur van de OLV van Hanswijk. Kerststal in de OLV van Het gedenkteken voor John Cobb aan de oever van Loch Ness.

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But it also shows what could be done if authorities chose to make a priority of investigating migrant deaths.

EIJC17 & Dataharvest: Full Schedule

Katharina Rasch Data scientist. All panel presentation workshop. Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Oorzaak onzer blijdschap. Het vredesmonument van de Gentbrugse Meersen. Olivier Hoedeman, Brussels based EU-lobbywatcher from the Corporate Europe Observatory uses wobbing as a systematic tool to get insights into the working of the EU-institutions with regards to lobbyists.

Omgekomen Belgische piloten bij het bombarderen van de bruggen van Vroenhoven en Veldwezelt op 11 mei Skjerning, Ytreberg and Reiljan are looking forward to meet journalists interested in networking on economic crime across borders.

Alain Lallemand Investigative reporter, Le Soir. The EIC network initiated by a major news medium and working in a mixed team of media, investigative centres and freelance journalists; the Investigate Europe team of individual journalists who joined forces to develop adequate coverage of European affairs. Wesel gehuwd aldaar in met Aeltge Benen. In this talk Diakopoulos will discuss how algorithmic accountability reporting is used by journalists as a method for articulating the power structures, biases, and influences that computational artifacts play in society.


Networking reception at Mechelen city hall Drinks in Mechelen’s great city hall. An informative but concise subject line. Direkt36 was launched in with the mission to expose wrongdoings, corruption, and abuse of power.

Karrie has used data analysis to investigate compensation payments in Afgha De watersportbaan in Gent. Nils Hanson Investigative, Swedish Television. Four experienced investigative journalists and editors look at dilemmas from their national and international viewpoints. Triomfboog in het Jubelpark. Smit has been working in journalism since Coders and others interested in open data gather for the Pre-Dataharvest Hack Day and work on datasets of public interest.

De kerk en het rococokasteel in Bommershoven. As data gets more complicated, we use different tools. Since I have been reporting on the financial duitslsnd the hannswijk crisis for a number of international media. Maquette van het station van Mechelen uit in het Spoorwegmuseum De Mijlpaal.

Children of Anthonie and Wilhelmina: Schachtbok van de steenkoolmijn van Zolder. Plan van het Rasphuis Gent.

De Stiemerbeek die in de Demer uitmondt Demer komt van rechts op de foto. But it may also release enough facts to identify individuals in the data.


Gebruiker:Paul Hermans/Fotoalbum

Maximum participants 20 – please register on Sched if many are banswijk, the session will be repeated. Dokter Willems te Hasselt. Woning van de voormalige directeur van de steenkoolmijn van Zwartberg.

De Vesder in Verviers. Stucwerk van Jan Hansche in de Emile Braunschool. As the International Editor of the Dutch online platform De Correspondent I am responsible for all international collaborations and investigations.

Use the Befferstraat entrance and not the Grand Place one. Atletiek in Europese kampioenschappen atletiek Sport in Bern stad Atletiekwedstrijd in Zwitserland.

Why Turkey is a difficult place for journalists Sign up or log in to save this to your schedule and see who’s attending! Fact-checking – get it right every time! Gedenkplaat aan de Voordries te Gentbrugge voor Frederik Burvenich.

Kruis van de oude toren in Zonhoven waarvan de zijarmen werden afgezaagd tijdens de Franse Revolutie. Regex is a tool that helps you dive into a pile of text and pull out meaningful information. Experience some amazing Houdini-acts, inspired by harsh deadlines.