This is the story of my progression from the JGRO cnc router design to using the OpenBuild system. In the process I think I have learned some. Steps for: Build a home made CNC machine (JGRO router). Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. JGro CNC router from Stock setup. There is an error in the Z axis assembly – the fixed section holding the tubes on which the slide moves is too.

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Worked jggo hours this weekend. Forum Information and Options. As you know, a great guy. The time now is Worked 2 hours playing with this. On the y axis the preload acme should be vertical instead of horizontal, it was very difficult to assemble in this orientation.

See the attached picture. See the example below.

I’ll be making that modification for sure. Wow, the plans are great, easy to understand, read, and simple to build. I tried some other springs but these seem to work best on the compromise of increased rod friction vs movement, still very free movement.

JGRO router is functional – The Hell Ya Beller

Can you post some cuts you’ve completed? I got the servos off ebay used they are Vexta PH series oz, 0.

Replaced stepper motors with oz from Hobbycnc. One outer edge will have to be cut down to clear the gantry floor. First off, a big thanks to jgro for the most excellent plans. Digitizing Tablet Accuracies range between. If you can get ACME or trapezoidal threaded rod I would definitely go with that instead of the quarter inch all-threaded rod for the lead screw. Trace an object or pattern on a digitizing tablet and save it as a graphics file on your computer.


Build a home made CNC machine (JGRO router)

Logic Trace Combine – Create very large templates by combining up to 16 sections Logic Trace On Screen – Create graphic files from photos and picture files. Results 1 to 12 of I have purchased some MDF but that is all.

Roouter bearings are quite rigid and very smooth. Logic Trace on Screen. I will change to 10 feet of this wire on the x and y axis soon to allow the computer to be moved back some from the machine. I used the Hobbycnc power supply kit with the Hammond 30 volt transformer from Allied Electric, seems fairly priced for the components and works. It should be easy to invert the code used to cut the airfoil. Then, add a big carbon spar and bag it.

Its been said by many folks in this forum, and I’ll repeat it again. More Information on the software The Logic Group, providing digitizing solutions worldwide since It doesn’t give an instantaneous E-stop when I let go of reset. Have a bunch of details to get through, biggest is the gantry in contact with the bed. Last Jump route page: I sure agree with the comments from “HayTay”. So, if you see him on RCSE, please don’t tell him about my creation. Not much to see yet.

What is everyone using? Place object on tablet. Spent 12 hours last weekend on the y and z axis, another 4 hours during the week 3 hours last night and 3 hours this morning, setting up the power supply and wiring. CNC may not always be the most efficient way to make guitar parts a band saw and pin router is often the most sensible way to do guitar woodwork but they are a flexible way to convert complicated 3D computer designs into reality.


JGro DIY CNC router

Vacuum motors possibly cheaper Today, Real good news is the homebrew preload acme nuts work, apparently pretty well ie 0. I’m likely to use drywall screws instead of nails. Best CNC router table for building guitars? Tags for this Thread cnccuttingfarfoamcutterforumitsjohnmosnotsaidsawthenwent. Worked hours aligning the x axis, this was a pain, definitely on my future improvement list.

Diary of a FoamCutter building a jgro router table. But the basic desgin is sound, and will work without modifications: Digitizing software is recommended to use the digitizing tablet.

Follow us on All times are GMT If the problem is laying the wing flat when you turn it over, can’t you cut a “mold” to lay it in? A typical Logic Trace Digitizing System comes with the following components: An electrical device connected to a computer that sends very accurate X,Y coordinates to the computer using a pen stylus or mouse-like cursor.