Dumb Jock [Jeff Erno] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 2nd Edition Dumb Jock: Book One Jeff Irwin is short, timid. Dumb Jock: The Musical (Dumb Jock series Book 4) – Kindle edition by Jeff Erno. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Dumb Jock: The Musical by Jeff Erno Book Four in the Dumb Jock Series “ This may be a Dumb Jock book, but obviously for all of us fans to the series, there .

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Sparks fly and soon, they find themselves madly in love with each other.

For someone that is not very fond of this type of stories, in my opinion this was great. Oct 22, Edina Rose rated it it was ok. The relationship between the nerd and the jock developed nicely.

However, looking at my friends’ reviews, I seem to be in the vast minority. He has only one really close friend, Shannon, but even she doesn’t understand him completely. I find them fresh and interesting even though some people claim that they have been retold a hundred times.

His true ambition jefff to become a doctor.

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Jan 10, Martijn Hartman-maatman rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Tommy did a good job with this. I’m not one to summarize a book in my review so I’ll just say it’s hard not to be proud of Jeff and Brett’s maturation at the end of the book or to reflect on how fucked up the 80’s were.


And, as painful as it is to ‘observe’ the development of such an immature relationship, I couldn’t help but agree that in that age, the majority of us are complete fools, esecially in love.

Another Dumb Jock

I absolutely loved this entire series!! About life, about death, and especially about the final days of living.

Preview — Appearances Matter by Jeff Erno. My Roommate’s a Jock? Safe in His Heart. It’s hard to speculate whether my review would be different had I read Jeff’s work in order but I suspect it might have been, but what do I know read it for yourself. This is what I took away from this book. As a mother, it pains me to see our children kill themselves because of their sexuality. See if you have enough points for this item. The Musical is definitely a five star read for me.

Not only does he live with his alcoholic mother in a rundown mobile home, but he’s also a bit of a social outcast at school. Todd Hoffman, age sixteen, doesn’t have an easy life.

Jocks Don’t Date Guys. The story starts with Todd Hoffman.

I’m not going to lie I must confess that after cataloguing the Puppy Love ieff as one of my favorite of all times, I was a bit hesitant to read other Jeff Erno books, as he had been placed in a very high pedestal.

Jeff has some self-worth issues and idolizes Brett a lot more than he deserves, but he is no wimp.

Dumb Jock Series by Jeff Erno

Order your copy today: There are hardly any at all, giving it a very strange over formal feel that at times interfered with the teen emotion Having just read a laterJeff Erno story that I gave 5 stars to I just want to say that this probably would have been a 5 star rating too but for the fact that I never really settled fully into the writing style that Jeff institutes in this story.


Jeff Irwin is the boy you never see, he is small, studious and quiet, and at fourteen, that description can sound all kinds of hellish. Number two, you really didn’t get resolution about Yvonne and why she did what she did.

The twisted part in me wanted to see him hurt for his sins for a little longer, but the understanding was there with how difficult his redemption would have been for him, and my own need for revenge wasn’t who Jeff was, certainly not in the social context and time period that this novel was written. And as most YA books go, there are your stereotypical, over-the-top side characters that include religious zealots, a tough-guy coach who spews h If I ever decide to write a book, I know it will be YA.

There was just A LOT to take in. Aug 09, Jennifer Wardrip rated it liked it Shelves: The absentee father, the beleaguered mother, the gay teacher, the bullies He knows he can never confide in her his deepest secret.

For a more elaborate review please read Paul’s. Tommy O’Brien really phoned this one in with a stilted, wooden narration with no differentiation between the characters’ voices.