Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document The WinGridDocumentExporter™ component enables you to export your entire WinGrid™ directly into a PDF or XML. Is there any easy way of exporting all data from an UltraGrid programmatically? I have been toying with and although QTP does not error on that. I used to use the code in section one to export to excel (it was quick but it took the same format which i didnt want in excel). I then used the code.

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Reply Verify Answer Cancel. Here is how its done in VS using C. Middle;” code But I am pretty sure there is sure its not connected to what I am saying I am saying the z-index of title is lesser than z-index of the grid In your example, dont go far, add 20 more columns to the grid with finite data in the cells You will see that the title gets hidden “behind” the grid – the grid overlays the title I cant find better ways to describe this I tried reducing Y co-ord for the title, but that does not help either.

Exporting Data from an UltraGrid. I won’t go into direct code specifics, as it would be too time consuming but I can go into the basics. Is there a way of getting the speed from section 1 and the formating from section 2?

Hi, The UltraGridExcelExporter does a huge amount of caching which is probably what accounts for the speed difference. You can also perform post-processing on the data after it has been written into the file by using the CellExported event. There is a limit to the number of rows you can have in an Excel Worksheet.


Export Grid Data to Excel

I made some changes to the code and wrapped it up in a infrxgistics project. Please let me know If you need any further assistance on this.

String the file format you want to export the grid as GridExportFileFormat. I have created a small sample in order to illustrate my idea. And it exports the each band seperately like I wanted. I’ve tried forcing an Update and a Refresh on the grid after setting the datasource and that doesn’t help.

Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document – Infragistics Windows Forms™ Help

This ultfagrid why I suggest doing it on the NetAdvantage side, because this way you will be working more directly with the object model, you can create a button that will dump your data, then another one to compare it with a loaded file. The ExportLayout is the layout of the exported grid, just as the DisplayLayout is the layout of the on-screen grid.

Which what I dont want. If you got the cell once and stored it in a variable jltragrid then re-used the same cell reference, it would be a lot more efficient. By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use.

When I try to call the table directly I get a error. ToString ; if sCellContents. Please let me know if ultragric have any additional questions. You will modify the layout of the grid by:.

Modifying WinGrid’s Layout Before Exporting to a PDF Document – Infragistics Windows Forms™ Help

Hello Ameya, You could achieve the desired behaviour by moving the grid in the BeginExport event of the exporter component: The following code gives an example of how to use the BeginExport event. When you invoke the method, you pass it the UltraWinGrid that will be exporting the data, and the name of the file into which the data will be exported.


Count ‘ equals the number of cells rows. Currently I am exporting the ultragrid thart has two bands. Contains “lnk” And oCell. The class that will be creating the Excel file is a Class Library.

You could use grid. Export ultraGrid, sheet2, 0, 0. The UltraGridExcelExporter does a huge amount of caching which is probably what accounts for the speed difference. Count infrqgistics equals the number of rows rows.

Some important events covered in this walkthrough are listed below: So if your grid only knows about one page of data, then that’s all that will be exported.

Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document

infragustics In the Click event of ulyragrid export initiating control, enter the following code: As to properly test the data using QTP you will have to export the controlled base data.

LynnCo Developer posted over 6 years ago in reply to Mike Saltzman. What I need to be able to test is that the data in Excel matches the data as displayed in the UltraGrid. Show “Please find records before trying to export”, App.

CopyFrom to copy the layout from your real grid into the export grid. Hristo Goshev posted over 7 years ago ultrafrid reply to Keith. Follow these Steps Set up your form. Strings that begin with the words “Accounting Manager” are not to be exported from the application, so the code substitutes a abbreviation that will appear in the Excel file: I think you might be going about this in a much more complicated way than is really neccessary.

Cells row, colExcel.