This book provides a pragmatic introduction to REST (REpresentational State Title InfoQ Explores: REST; Author(s) Ryan Slobojan; Publisher: (Mar. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just. of a bus, you can enter it into your browser’s address field and hit return — but how does your browser know what to do with the URI? 3. InfoQ Explores: REST.

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Evan is a regular speaker at Agile Conferences around the globe. Other topics covered include the benefits of knowing many programming languages, and the usefulness of of Erlang to build distributed systems Related Topics: Organizations are looking for ways to do continuous change to increase their agility.

For real learnings you must accept the unknown and move outside of your knowledge boundary. The certification is different than what developers may be used to. Subscribe to our architect newsletter? On his continuing quest for productivity and performance in the Java programming language, Brian Goetz, Java Language Architect at Oracle, introduced an experimental concept of data classes that has potential to someday be integrated into the language.

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Fisher, is a book on scaling organisations and products to adapt to web scale growth of their products and services. Functional Service Design and Observability In preparation for the upcoming microXchg conference, taking place over the 16th and 17th February in Berlin, InfoQ sat down with Uwe Friedrichsen and Adrian Cole and discussed functional service design, the new challenges with observing a distributed system, and what the future holds for the micro.

This presentation was recorded at QCon San Francisco See our privacy notice for details.


Subscribe to our architect newsletter? Key Expllres The current best-practice approaches to developing software — microservices, containers, cloud native, schedulers, and serverless — are all ways of coping with massively more complex systems.

This pop-up will close itself in a few moments. Please take a moment to review and update. Several times a week, InfoQ has a news item, podcast or presentation mentioning rwst.

However, our approach to monitoring has not kept pace.

Update Company name to: There are five posts chosen for you that appeared on Adrian Colyer’s blog in the first quarter of By subscribing to this email, we may send you content based on your previous topic interests. This article outlines four explorss strategies for organizing code: Enterprises are finding ways to adopt the lean startup approach to support the businesses and customers to whom they deliver their products.

If you are a software architect or an aspiring architect you can stay up to date with the latest from the industry by listening to The InfoQ Podcast.

Subscribe to our industry email notices? They want early and frequent customer feedback to be able to understand their needs and deliver products that create value for them. View an example Enter your e-mail address. We think that Service Mesh technology will become the new focal point infoqq developers. Subscribe to our industry email notices? Machine learning has long powered many products we interact with daily—from “intelligent” assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Now, to recommendation engines like Amazon’s that suggest new products to buy, to the ad ranking systems used by Google and Facebook.

This eMag contains a collection of articles and interviews from late with some of the leading practictioners and theorists in the Web API field.

InfoQ Explores: REST

Update company size to: The course is designed for people in different roles who contribute to requirements elicitation and representation, it describes variations on the requirements process for specific environments, like traditional, agile, outsourcing and acquisitions of off-the-shelf solutions. Being lean is the modus operandi for successful startups at least those on a tight and shrinking explkres.


You will be sent an email to validate the new email address. See our privacy notice for details. The State of Testing infqo provides insights in the adoption of test techniques, practices, and test automation, and the challenges that testers are facing.

But hold your pitchforks for now. The Java EE Guardians, frustrated by the explors of response by Oracle to months of Java community explroes, submitted an open letter earlier this year to express their concerns over Oracle’s restriction of the use of “Java” and “javax” package names for EE4J. Applying the teal paradigm helps organizations increase team members’ engagement and allows teams to grow. Michael, would you please introduce yourself to our readers and watchers? Lightbend, founded in as TypeSafe, rebranded themselves as Lightbend last year.

innoQ Resources: REST

Developers typically target greenfield apps versus rebuild existing ones in a serverless fashion. It is a real pleasure to meet you.

Update company size to: A Quickstart Guide” a few months ago, InfoQ reached out to author Paul Swartout in order to find out what have been the major changes in this space and in the book in the last couple of years. In this week’s podcast Robert Bluman talks to Preslav Le.

By subscribing to this email, we may send you content based on your previous topic interests. The goal is to provide a theoretical understanding of how dest design an event-driven system, what tools and techniques one. Software architects must create designs that can endure throughout software evolution.