Title & Document Type: A 50 MHz Programmable Pulse Generator This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A Operating, Programming And Servicing Manual. View and Download HP A operating, programming and servicing manual online. 50 MHz programmable. A Pulse Generator pdf manual download.

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The line-voltage selector-switches, S2 and S3, connect the incoming line- voltage lines to an appropriate pair of transformer inputs. Width is set to 10 ms. This circuit is used during instrument self-test which is performed at switch on, to verify the operation of the output amplifier and pre-attenuator.

HP Hewlett Packard 50 MHz Pulse Generator 8112A

If neccessary, select external width manaul by repeatedly pressing the standard mode key until the E. This indicates that the buffer is not yet empty. In shaped Gaussian mode, the linear slopes of the input pulses are given gaussian characteristics controlled by the inputs on pins 1 and 24 of the shaper IC.

The standard control board is divided into the following areas: Record your results on a copy of the Test Record, specified limits are given here and on the Test Record. This is done by forcing the computer to wait for 0. Inform Hewlett-Packard of any repeated failures of any of the checks, or any other safety features.

Errors as indicated by the set bits are printed. Delay Performance Test 1. Take out the fan assembly. Timing 1C biock diagram Refer to Figure These tests check pulse generation using the level check circuits. Width Control Verification Test The ICs and their supporting circuits are covered in more detail in the relevant parts of the later chapters, however, the IC pin identities are given in Figure Parameter controls The test results can be recorded on a copy of the Test Records which follow the test procedures.


Set the attenuation factor to and its offset to 0 V. Use extreme caution when handling, testing and adjusting. Refer to Chapter 6 Error reporting for more information on the 8121a Byte. I can understand if English and Engineering are not your 1st languages just ask my wife when I speak engineering talk Think of this as a really fancy digital watch with a few more simple buttons but similar cycling of options.

Mannual You may wish to set up Output Limits as described in Chapter 4 Operating to protect the device under test.

The oscilloscope response is very slow for measurements with PER in the ms range. Transition Times Performance Test 1. Answer This is the time taken by the HP Ato transmit a message when error reporting or learn mode.

The digital display now reads unX, where X is the file identity number 1 to 9. Double Pulse Performance Test Display Driver Control Signals You can use this facility as the basis of interrupt driven error handling in your programming application.

8121a first four digits only change when there is a significant modification to the instrument, the last five digits are assigned sequentially to instruments. Plug the blue cable onto the pin marked 6. O A key is stuck in the depressed position. The trigger can be switched off by pressing the currently active key again.


HP 8112A Operating, Programming And Servicing Manual

Transition Fixed HIL Check the input signal from the period generator pin 7 of U against Figure 8112q Trending Price New. Refer to Chapter 4 Operating for more information on modulating the output signal. Check the trigger output signal at pin 21 of U against Figure The U pulse key gives an additional pulse in Gate and External Burst modes.

If your application requires a parameter change to occur before a mode change, use seperate programming messages for the two commands. A3, A4 and A5 are the inputs to U20 and are continuously incremented from one to six by the microprocessor.

Mechanical Parts – 1 B B Estimated on or before Tue. May 21, Percentage values are shown on the digital display.

Equipment/HP A Programmable Pulse Generator – London Hackspace Wiki

Contact Us Contact Us toll-free. If no settings have been stored, the instrument will revert to standard settings whichever file number is selected for nanual. The address decoder also controls the output of the contents of the error latches onto the data bus. Range Decoder Truth Table Ensure that the device mannual test cannot be overdriven by the HP A output 16 V p-p into 50 D; 32 V p-p into high impedance.

Amplitude Tests E41 Amplitude range 2 9. Mechanical Parts – 2 B Contents- 15 Tables