Black Kiss has ratings and 41 reviews. Ryan said: Had a lot of trouble getting through this one. And it wasn’t because of the very graphic content. T. Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) (): Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss is hardboiled, erotic tour-de-force now available from. Howard Chaykin’s controversial series sees a new life at Dynamite, bringing its sexed-up story of vampires, pornography and classic noir.

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I protected myself from what I perceived as the serious danger of nobody buying the book by taking a large advance against howarr. If the above described sex and violence sounds offensive to you, then the rest of the book will offend you to very core of your being. Crimeerotic Vampires in comics. It’s sick, twisted and evil. This is a beautiful book, Chaykin’s story crackles and purrs alternately like a seductress with a sidearm not knowing if she wants to kiss you or kill you.

Chaykin’s style is brilliant for showing character’s emotions, and actions. The artwork is sharp and bold and minutely detailed and is perfectly Chaykin, but it too is not enough.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) () – GetComics

Dhaykin that time will come shortly,” he said, adding that for now he’s happy to have the book in print at a time and in a format that won’t hide it away as if it was some dirty little secret.

Although some of his past creations had aluded to sex, and some had even featu Sex, Violence and Vampires?

Back then, there were issues, and I’m sure there will still be issues today. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I can’t get over one panel where a woman say Had a lot of trouble getting through this one. The only way he can do so is by solving the problem set in front of him. What Dagmar does not realize is that, while the prostitute was playing with the priest’s organ, a nun or someone dressed like a nun strolls in and steals the reel of film, just before the bomb hlward detonated.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. While getting home far later than was expected will be good for Pollack, it will be very bad for his soon to be ex-wife and their three year old daughter.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) (2010)

This work is amazing! As for plot structure, the climax builds for three chapters as bodies pile up for no real reason in one room.

Black Kiss became one of the most controversial North American comics of the late sdue to the comic having the sort of explicit scenes of sex and violence unseen in most comics published at the time. Going in I thought I had an idea what this was about, but then I didn’t. Wickedly funny x-rated film noir, naturally self-referential and filled with nods to a dozen noir classics.

It’s quite graphic and marked by Chaykin’s customary Byzantine plots, but it’s still fun to experience.

This is because she is Grove’s granddaughter, in addition to the nun who stole the reel from Father Murtaugh earlier in the story.

Aug 31, Sooraya Evans rated it did not like it. The story unfolds in short, graphic, sex-filled chapters, with reveals interspersed throughout. On advancements in comics erotica following the original Black Bladk.

Dorkland!: Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss [NSFW]

My research process was exactly what it looks like: But Pollack’s late homecoming is even further delayed by a most unusual and beautiful hitchhiker in distress.


His art is his usual sexy dams and square-chined men but in this one, they all get ne-ked. Chaykin’s inventive layouts and indirect storytelling make you work as a reader, but behind the prostitution, ultraviolence, clerical abuses, transsexuals, and vampirism there’s a classic and truly clever noir fable.

That was disgustingly awesome. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. His lively, innovative page layouts have also been praised for their mastery of design composition. Later that same day, Cass Pollack, a man of seemingly little moral fiber, is released from detox or so he claims and is taking his sweet time going home to his soon to be ex-wife and their three year old daughter.

Views Read Edit View history. I think things will be clearer in the eventual re-read. The constant buildup is sustained for way too long to even hooward any form of structure.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss

Chaykin does get points for his art. South Regional Design Awards Winners I think it is a fair assumption to make that, whether or not you will be the slightest bit kkss in reading Black Kiss, will be dependent upon whether or not the sex and violence that I described in the above synopsis gets you interested in finding out what weird and perverse things happen next.

On comics and comics fandom. And I say that without a trace of irony, sarcasm, or malice. Indeed, I didn’t grasp the key, paranormal aspect of this plotline until some of the blqck pages. Lists with This Book. On the growth of digital illustration.