Rules. Compiled from the original ​ HorrorClix Complete Rules​, the. Nightmares​ Rules Insert, the final ​ Errata & Clarifications document​ from May Check the full game rules pdf here: documents/ The game keeps getting better and better. Well we have seen a bit of hype on here about Horroclix, and there is a ton more out there on the web. So how does the new game sound?.

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Vulnerable monsters are susceptible to certain kinds of powers and attacks, as indicated by those powers and attacks. The number of lightning bolts indicates the number of different targets horrorclic monster can target with a single ranged combat rulex. Some elevated terrain is marked with a number representing its level of elevation. Choose the specific monsters that will provide the capabilities you want your army to wield in battle.

Soaring monsters ignore the effects of all types of terrain and objects for movement purposes. The speed value of a monster or victim that begins its movement in hindering terrain is halved before moving. Powers are in effect when they appear in the stat slot.

To determine if a monster 2 spaces away is adjacent to a giant monster, use any straight edge or draw an imaginary line from the center of the giant monster’s space to the center of rulws target’s space. An attack that deals no damage cannot have the damage modified.

Horrorclix Update: The Rules of the Game! – HeroClix Realms

If a game effect allows for the alteration of terrain, boundary lines are assumed to change so that they always form an uninterrupted boundary. Similar to the HorrorClix starter set, these packs featured a number of pre-selected figures, Plot Twist cards, and maps, from across the horror entertainment spectrum.

A dependant power is in effect rulea for the duration of the action that activated it.

If the transfer of control of a monster due to Possession causes one player to control all the monsters on the map, then the game ends per the rules of Section Clix games Collectible miniatures games Hrororclix games. All walls are assumed to stop exactly at gorrorclix edges of squares. The line of fire between squares on the same elevation is not blocked by elevated terrain of that level or lower, though other terrain at that elevation level crossing the line of fire affects it normally.


Licensed properties were later made available through regular commercial channels, and renamed Action Packs.

Vampireswerewolveszombiesand demons are available in the game’s first release, as well as a number of vigilantes who fight for the side of good including a vampire hunter, ghost finders, priests and military men. All players who included a subplot card in their crypts reveal those cards simultaneously and place them face up on the table.

Modifiers increase or reduce a combat value by a specific amount. Plot twist cards, scenario play, fictionand individual character cards for each monster place the game’s emphasis firmly on the fantasy of writing or directing a horror story rather than a game of fighting and combat.

HorrorClix Rules Posted… – …

If you do, mark this monster with action tokens so that it becomes vulnerable. At the end of the frenzy the actionthe monster is given only one action token. A monster cannot “jump off” elevated terrain to a lower elevation unless it has a power or ability allowing it to do so.

Some powers are dependant, meaning that they activate only when the monster is given a particular action, shown below:. HorrorClix has four types of terrain: Four of these values rulea printed on the combat dial and are visible through the stat slot: The players should provide a combined total of 12 victims, with each player contributing an equal number of victims.

When a blooded monster frenzies, it gets two actions for the price of one. Victims are the humans who, stuck in the middle of the supernatural combat, are at risk of being slain by the hordes of monsters.


A player can include only one subplot card in his or her crypt per game. The move action is over, and the player gives the monster an action token. Most plot twists let you save a victim from being slain by an enemy monster or force a victim to run closer so that your monsters can better catch or protect them.


Indoor maps depict battlefields located entirely inside a building or structure. If a target of a ranged combat attack is adjacent to a Tree of the Damned, the Tree of the Damned acts as a space of blocking terrain when determining the line of fire.

The free action does not count as one of your available actions for the turn. If the line of fire between two characters in continuous hindering terrain never crosses a boundary line of hindering terrain, the hindering terrain modifier still applies. Victims can move past monsters, but not through them. This is called a critical hit. Anything occupying elevated terrain is considered to be at that elevation level. If the die roll result succeeds, then nothing happens. A monster cannot target the same monster more than once with any one ranged combat action.

Portals have two sides, one showing an open doorway and one showing a closed doorway. The name of a victim is also its archetype—one of a classic kind of horror genre victim. When a monster is killed, it is removed from the game along with its monster card and any victim tokens placed on it.

This is called a critical miss. Make an attack roll; if the attack roll result is at least 13, the tombstone is smashed and should be removed from the game. Place these assembled victims face down on the center of the map and shuffle them; this is the victim pool.

Monsters cannot make ranged combat attacks against victims unless a power specifically states that they can. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The player moving a double-base monster chooses any space horrofclix to the double-base to begin counting movement.

If this would result in a fraction, round up. The edge of the portal that shows the doorway is what counts as blocking horrrorclix when the door is closed.