C-Bus Honeywell proprietary Control Bus for communications between Excel 10 W Controllers: WA Constant Volume AHU Controller. Product – Brand: Honeywell; Product Number: WA; SINGLE ZONE AHU WITH STAGED HEAT/COOL OR HEAT PUMP. Category: HVAC. Product Identifiers. GTIN. BRAND. Honeywell. MPN. WA UPC. eBay Product ID (ePID).

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This input source has the highest priority in determining manual override w7750a2005 for a Network Wins arbitration scheme, and in the event there is more than one source change at a time in the Last-in Wins arbitration scheme.

This Setpoint is used only when there is no wall module setpoint pot configured. When smoke monitor is 1, the algorithm controls as per the settings w770a2005 in nciConfig. OccTimeClock shows the state of the physical time clock input via nvoIO. During recovery operation, the setpoint changes at a rate in degrees per hour depending on the outdoor air temperature.

If mechanical cooling is active when the discharge air falls below LowLimitDischAirTemp, the mechanical cooling cycles off after the minimum run times are obeyed to allow the dampers to return open and provide free cooling. The first is with an IAQ switch device connected to a digital input on the W Controller, where a contact closure indicates poor air quality, and initiates the IAQ Override mode.

Setpoint ramping parameters with ramp rate calculation OccTimeClock is 1 or nviTimeClk. This means that if the W Controller is in Cooling mode, the DLC offset bumps the control point up, and when in Heating mode, bumps the control point down. OverrideType OverrideType specifies the behavior of the override button on the wall module. If an Excel 10 WA,B,C Controller or Zone Manager is not connected to a good earth ground, the controller internal transient protection circuitry is compromised and the function of protecting the controller from noise and power line spikes cannot be fulfilled.


Use the Custom Wiring function of E-Vision to re-assign the outputs to the desired terminals. Obtain locally from any computer hardware vendor. Two segments can be joined together using a router. OdHum allows the local outdoor humidity sensor to be shared with other nodes and is typically bound to OdHum on other nodes. LED location on W If the node is configured for modulating economizer, sbEconPosS0 shows the current position of the economizer modulating output.

The output has the following states: The final result is stored in siTempControlPtS7. w77750a2005

An external packaged economizer control then modulates the dampers. When using the network input, select Econo Enable Type: In Continuous Fan mode, the fan runs whenever the controller is in Occupied mode.

Honeywell W7750A2005 Excel 10 Cvahu

When CascadeControl is 1 TRUEthen the discharge air temperature is controlled by an additional control loop based on the error signal from the space temperature control loop. EconEnable and is sent on the network. Two different methods of detecting poor air quality are supported, The first is by using an IAQ switch device connected to a digital input on the W Controller, where a contact closure indicates poor air quality honeywelp initiates the IAQ override mode.

As space temperature rises above the current Cooling Setpoint, the controllers mode of operation is switched to the COOL mode. In Intermittent Fan mode, the fan cycles on with a call for cooling or heating if the FanOnHtMode parameter is setand cycles off when the space temperature control is satisfied. The reported space temperature includes the q7750a2005 correction Config. This input is used to cause the economizer to open to a predetermined position when poor indoor air quality is detected.

TempControlPt for more information.

Honeywell WA Industrial Control System | eBay

IaqOverRide is set to 0. A packaged economizer is always treated as the first stage of cooling when an economizer is configured by nciIoSelect.

Upon expiration of the timer, the status returns to Not Assigned. Pneumatic transducer to WB,C B hoenywell, see triangle note 4. If the node is controlling a heat pump, compressor stages are turned on for both heating or cooling. Only one router is allowed with each Excel 10 Zone Manager, and each network segment can have a maximum of one repeater. When HeatCoolMode is 1 and the node is controlling a heat pump, then cooling loads are controlled.


Organization of Manual This manual is divided into three basic parts: In addition, if modulating economizer control is desired, a discharge air temperature sensor must be physically connected to the Excel 10 W Controller.

All control functions associated with the failed sensor are disabled as if the sensor was not configured. When a new alarm is detected, just the corresponding numeric value for the alarm is reported.

Wall Module Type 1. Rated V2 level compliant.

For projects with existing pneumatically actuated reheat valves, the Excel 10 W Controller output must be converted to a pneumatic signal using a transducer device developed for use with Excel 10 W77502a005.

See Alarm for the alarm types used in AlarmLog. If there is no water flowing the compressor is disabled. Prepare Wiring Diagrams, for details or a set of contacts wired in series for monitoring multiple windows to verify that the window s are closed. When configured, this occupant value is set to calculate the actual cooling or heating Occupied Setpoint. Excel 10 node that has the alarm condition see Network Alarm.

MonSw value allows the monitor switch to be shared with another node. Prepare Wiring Diagrams General Considerations The purpose of this step is to assist the application engineer in developing job drawings to meet job specifications.