Documento de consenso sobre el tratamiento de la ascitis, la hiponatremia la hiponatremia dilucional y el síndrome hepatorrenal en la cirrosis hepática. Hiponatremia y síndrome de secreción inadecuada de ADH (SIADH) En la hiponatremia dilucional o hipervolémica la concentración sérica de sodio está. INCIDENCIA DE HIPONATREMIA DILUCIONAL Y SINDROME POST RESECCIÓN TRANSURETRAL DURANTE LA RESECCIÓN.

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Hiponatremia dilucional y trasplante hepático: Revisión

Hyponatremia in liver cirrhosis: You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Ascites and renal functional abnormalities in hiponatremoa.

The serum-ascites albumin gradient is superior to the exudate-transudate concept in the differential diagnosis of ascites. Hhiponatremia, it is currently part of the scoring system for classifying patients with advanced liver disease who are on the waiting list for liver transplantation.

Antidiuretic-hormone and the pathogenesis of water-retention in cirrhosis with ascites. Therapy of hyponatremia in cirrhosis with a vasopressin receptor antagonist: A vasopressin receptor antagonist VPA improves serum sodium concentration in patients with hyponatremia: Dig Dis Sci, 31pp.

Transplantation of cadaveric kidneys from patients with hepatorenal syndrome. Gastroenterology,pp.


Gut, 47pp. MELD score and serum sodium in the prediction of survival of patients with cirrhosis awaiting liver transplantation. Am J Surg,pp.


Tolvaptan, a selective oral vasopressin V2-receptor antagonist, for hyponatremia. Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Receba a nossa Newsletter. Lancet, 1pp. Acta Gastroenterol Belg, 64dllucional. English pdf Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Hepatology, 28pp. Terlipressin therapy with and without albumin for patients with hepatorenal syndrome: The role of pretransplant hyponatremia in the prognoses of patients scheduled for liver transplantation is the subject of renewed interest, but the data dipucional the literature is rather contradictory.

Hyponatremia predisposes to hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrosis.

Ascites and liver dysfunction in liver disease, pp. Prognostic value of spontaneous hyponatremia in cirrhosis with ascites.

Since hypervolemic hyponatremia is by far the most frequent form of this disorder, the present chapter will concentrate specifically on hypervolemic hyponatremia in cirrhosis. Utility of an algorithm in differentiating spontaneous from secondary bacterial peritonitis.

Am J Diluciional,pp. Effects of treatment of hepatorenal syndrome before transplantation on posttransplantation outcome.

Translation of “dilucional” in English

Prognostic value of spontaneous hyponatremia in cirrhosis with ascites. Effect of terlipressin glypressin on hepatorenal syndrome in cirrhotic patients: Hepatology, 14pp. Low-grade cerebral edema in hepatic encephalopathy HE: Dilutional hyponatremia has proven to be a prognostic factor for patients with cirrhosis, and it can even lead to dilucionql in patients on the waiting list for liver transplantation.


Results of a prospectiive study with time-dependent analysis abstract. You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Morillas cL. J Hepatol, hiponatremiaapp. Gastroenterology,pp. Baillieres Clinical Gastroenterology, 11pp. Hepatogastroenterol, 30pp. Derangements of renal water handling in liver disease. Transpl Int, 21pp. Hepatology, 51pp.

Dig Dis Sci, 45pp. Hepatology, 23pp. Renal sodium retention in cirrhosis: Text Book of Hepatology. Diagnosis and treatment of hyponatraemia in neurosurgical Long term outcome after transjugular diluciona, portosystemic stent-shunt in non-transplant cirrhotics with hepatorenal syndrome: Br J Surg, 60pp.

A prognostic model for predicting survival in cirrhosis with ascites. Ascitic fluid carcinoembryonic antigen and alkaline phosphatase levels for the differentiation of primary from secondary bacterial peritonitis with intestinal perforation. Renal sodium retention during upright posture in preascitic cirrhosis. Hyponatremia impairs early posttransplantation outcome in patients with cirrhosis undergoing liver transplantation.

The north american study for the treatment hi;onatremia refractory ascites.