Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? is an pamphlet by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva in , it was retitled . The concept of Hindutva is Savarkar’s own and corres- ponds exactly to the definition of a nation in modern political theory. The Hindus are tied together by. Oh Hindu! Wherever you are and perhaps alone you may be, without waiting for others, pledge that you shall touch millions and millions of your untouchable.

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A biography of an Indian Political Party. Hindus, according to Savarkar, are those who consider India to be the land in which their ancestors lived, as well as the land in which their religion originated.

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In fact it is ridiculous to expect a Prakrit word in classical Sanskrit Nay more ; although Hindu being a Prakrit form of a Sanskrit word, should not be expected to be found in Sanskrit, yet as it is it cannot be but a weighty proof of its importance even in its Prakrit form that, that form should be at times met with in Sanskrit literature: Savarkar’s revolutionary activities began while studying in India and England, where he was associated with the India House and founded student societies including Abhinav Bharat Society and the Free India Societyas well as publications espousing the cause of complete Indian independence by revolutionary means.

Rewriting history to suit political ends.

He resumed political activism after the ban on it was lifted, it was however limited until his death in because of ill health. Perhaps it was too soon for thee to sound thy march and unfurl thy banner while the world was too young and the day but just risen!

Bond of common blood 7’he reason that explains why the term Hindu cannot be synonymous with Bharatiya or Hindi xavarkar mean ihndutva Indian only, naturally introduces us to the second essential implication of that term.


How spontaneously it hits on the right derivation of the epi- thets Hindu and Hindusthan and how completely our ancestors down to the last generation loved and reve- renced and identified themselves with these epithets is so eloquently illustrated in this letter as to render it superfluous to cite any more. Shatter so many thinking or assumption of mine. Retrieved from ” https: In short the Hindu Mahasabha is out to fight to realize the above mighty mission.

Thus, it is not what the left wing accuses it to be. Thou- sands of pilgrims form distant shores poured into this country and thousands of scholars, preachers, sages and saints went from this land to all the then known world.

Savarkar was way ahead of his age. Hindu Nationalism – A Reader.

So the leaders of thought and action grew sick of repeating the mumbos and jumbos of universal brotherhood and bitterly complained: We must lay aside our internal differences such as punishment of Raghoji and others. Wonderful exposition and original thinking by Sarvarkar on theorizing Hindutva. Hence, Hindutva is an inclusive concept. Related concepts Anationalism Anti-nationalism Diaspora politics Historiography and nationalism Internationalism Irredentism Revanchism Seasonal or cultural festival.

Long review is given below. Whether Hindutvs could survive another years? A portrait of Savarkar was unveiled in the Indian Parliament in Firstly because they record a general tradition that, unlike dates or individual successions, can easily be remembered longer. The reaction as usual was complete even to a fault.

Bajirao to Brahmendra Swami 2. And when in addition to this a number of secondary thoughts or feelings that are 2 HINDUTVA generally roused by the thing get mystically entwined with the word that signifies it, the name seems to matter as much as the thing itself.

Art thou not ashamed to call thyself Alamgir, conqueror of the world, when thyself standest vanquished by the Hindu Emperor Shivaji?

Many of foreign belief are still loyal to our fatherland like parsi Zoroastrianism and jews Judasim. Let’s start the show: Yet Savarkar’s book is for all time. An Immortal Revolutionary of India. The Almighty is your strength, so fight, even when facing an enemy stronger than yourself” [11] [12]. Savsrkar vigorously and attack ; and Hindupadpadshahi Hindu Kingdom is at hand! Indeed results difficult to achieve have been achieved.


Day after day, decade after decade, century aftar century, the ghastly savarkae continued and India single-handed kept up the fight morally and militarily. We feel that the same ancient blood that coursed through the veins of Ram and Krishna, Buddha and Mahavir, Nanak and Chaitanya, Basava and Madhava, of Rohidas and Tiru- velluvar courses throughout Hindudom from vein to vein, pulsates from heart to heart.

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Now you can see Pakistan and Bangladesh is long gone. View all 3 comments. That it is a common misunderstanding to use the term Hindutva interchangeably with Hinduism, which should not be done.

Savarkar was informed on February 1, that the mercy petition was placed before the British Indian Government [19]: If they do, Hindus also can emphatically do so.

Blue Tory Nationalist Red Tory. But savarkqr all they have done it and today we find that while thousands would not know what Aryawarta or Bharatwarsha exactly means yet the very man in the street will under- stand and recognize the names Hindu and Hindusthan as his very own.

Gandhi’s Hinduism and Savarkar’s Hindutva : | Economic and Political Weekly

I used to feel sorry to say no! Whether this is due to genuine belief or political agenda, we can only conjecture. University of Pennsylvania Press. Sundaram 10 May October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sexual attraction has proved more powerful than the comm- ands of all the prophets put together.

Rajvade has tJie original copy of this letter which savvarkar, as uindutva were, the soul of the great Hindu movement in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.