El Juego de Abalorios has ratings and reviews. Darwin8u said: “No permanence is ours; we are a waveThat flows to fit whatever form it finds. The Glass Bead Game (German: Das Glasperlenspiel) is the last full-length novel of the German author Hermann Hesse. It was begun in and published in. Results 1 – 30 of Juego de abalorios by Hesse, Hermann and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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El Juego de Abalorios by Hermann Hesse (4 star ratings)

The second was grappling with the personalities of the students, the attainment and practice of authority and leadership – in other words, the joy of educating. An hermxnn member renounces material wealth The book is highly internalized with little in the way of action. What was the point of that? For a moment he was utterly dispensable, exempt from all responsibilities, not required to perform any tasks, to do any thinking.

Hesse was no Asimov I guess. Two things I will take away from this book are a slightly increased interest in learning meditation, and a slightly increased interest in learning some Latin words so I can use them gleefully.

But his tragedy is that he never really becomes a GM: While judging fictional books, among many other things, I use an informal dimension that I could call Canal-Stream measure.

But Knecht has this endless thirst for knowledge and desire to travel, meet people and exchange ideas. Here, rather than a tortured young protagonist finding peace after much adventure, we find an older, peaceful man seeking confrontation. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But, I assure you, they are nevertheless, burning with subdued fires.


View all 3 comments. So, surrender to the game and surrender to the universe. I liked it when the 17 year old Knecht has these arguments within himself about whether the kids who are banished by Castalia, who are sent back home for disobedience are fools for giving up their good fortune or brave for making a choice they like.

I can recommend this, it is great fun and lends a different flavour to the book. It is a mysterious game that uses a very expressive symbolic language in which it is equally easy to express the structure of a piece of music or a fragment of a mathematical thought.

In his time, Hesse was a popular and influential author in the German-speaking world; worldwide fame only c Hermann Hesse was a German-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter. Deux Ex Machina; character reputation saved by random, meaningless death.

One of my favourite books. You’re reading a biography, albeit a fictional one, and it is more concerned with Joseph’s relationship to the game, his understanding of it, and by extension his society.

For everything was hermannn from him without his being sure that it was not really himself who was abandoning everything. Also in the three short stories in the end, the women characters are only portrayed as potential distractions for the men pursuing a life of the mind.

Its like you get this massive narrative Hmmmm. Our one glimpse of the practical nature of the game has all abaloruos fanfare of a whoopee cushion.

This it was abaloriow made many young men old and many old men appear young, that held you, supported you, and at the same time deprived you of your freedom like the stake to which a sapling is tied. All the destruction of this world, commited by known and unknown people, cannot be imputed to some “Cosmic Reason”.


El juego de los abalorios / The Glass Bead Game

If you want something to touch your soul read Siddhartha. The novel takes place in some distant future that is in every way early nineteenth century bucolic Germany. But, I assure you, they are nevertheless, burning with subdued fires. Only a few days later, the story ends abruptly with Knecht drowning in a mountain lake while attempting to follow Tito on a swim for which Knecht was unfit. I was glad to revisit Castalia, Joseph Knecht, and Hesse again and to think about how the themes addressed in the book have played out in my own life.

What I am seeking is not so much fulfillment of idle curiosity or of a hankering for worldly life, but experience without reservations. Spiritual texts masquerading as novels are probably not for me. This book was ponderously interesting.

The whole idea of turning your back on the world and the insistence on meditation to control any possible emotion etc etc really irritates me as well. En el un grupo de jovenes se consagran a la musica, a la astronomia, a las matematicas, con absoluto desden por todo placer carnal.