Heliodorus of Emesa is known for the ancient Greek novel or romance called the Aethiopica (Greek: Αἰθιοπικά) (the Ethiopian Story) or sometimes “Theagenes. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Ethiopian Story by (), Rowland Smith (), and Moses Hadas (as An Ethipian Romance, ) Heliodorus’ Ethiopian Story is among the few surviving novels written in . The Romance novel didn’t begin with Kathleen Woodiwiss or even with the Bronte sisters. By the time Heliodorus wrote his Aethiopica—or Ethiopian.

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Explore ethioian Home Gift Guide. Why I’m giving up on this book: The Aethiopica is a Greek romance story of the wondrously beautiful Theagenes and Chariclea. Pain had clenched his eyes, but the sight of the maiden drew them toward her. The work is notable for its rapid succession of events, the variety of its characters, its vivid descriptions of manners and of scenery, and its simple, elegant writing style. I thought it was entertaining enough but not something I really felt that I was missing out on by not having read it previously.

From inside the book. Plot devices abound – pirates, kidnapping, mistaken identities, stories within stories within stories, love, lust, obsession I liked it, considering its age. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where the author was poking fun at Herodotus’s narrative style.

Heliodorus: An Ethiopian Romance

Chariclea’s life seems particularly complicated, did find it fun to see how the author was going to solve each problem. I hope this is the nadir of the 1, book reading project. Greenwood Press- Fiction – pages. Feb 24, Christopher am it it was amazing Shelves: The Romance novel didn’t begin with Kathleen Woodiwiss or even with the Bronte sisters. Ethiopian Story The Everyman library.

I would recommend getting Collected Ancient Greek Novelswhich will give you several ancient gems, including the aforementioned oldest extant novel. Definitely a pot boiler. At times, it was surprising how modern and familiar the tropes were, and it was fun to see now-common sights like certain animals described from an ancient point of view. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

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Worth hanging in there for the moment when the terrifying appearance of a giraffe causes pandemonium in the Ethiop court. Search the full text of this book: The latter half of the book I found more readable than the first half, but in reality it’s unlikely I would have persisted so long, had it not been on the list of 1, books you must read before you die. The Romance novel didn’t begin with Kathleen Woodiwiss or even with the Bronte sisters.

Heliodorus’ characters are well-developed and interesting. Chariclea, the daughter of King Hydaspes and Queen Persinna of Ethiopia, was born white because her mother gazed upon a painting of the naked Andromeda just after her rescue by Perseus while Chariclea was being conceived an instance of the theory of Maternal impression.

It makes one wonder, How is it that this book was off-the-map of western culture for so long–only “rediscovered” in the late renaissance–yet rmoance seems to have been so influential on much of literature between its disappearance and reemergence? The book ends quickly and I did find it a bit to easily explained away.

Rounding up a bit because of the age of this book. I liked the book, the book came pretty etuiopian from the company I bought from, and it was definitely a joyful read. Or rather, because everyone in the world actually worships the Greek gods, and they like to screw up peoples’ lives by turning their children white while they’re still in the womb.

Please try again later. I had no idea what was happening at any point, save for a few paragraphs that may have been coherent.


I was so lost and confused that I checked reviews to figure out what was generally happening at certain points in the narrative, because I sure couldn’t tell just by reading the darn thing! Often, a character will start a story only to meet a character within his story who would like to tell a story of his own, within which, of course, lies another story.

Trivia About An Ethiopian Romance. They are captured by pirates, meet bandits and many other characters along the fomance. Heliodorus of Emesa was a Greek writer for whom two ranges of dates are suggested, either about the s AD or in the aftermath of Julian’s rule, that is shortly after It tells the tale of two lovers: Published by University of Pennsylvania Press first published Racine und Heliodor in German.

The complete review ‘s Review:. From there, a bit rambly and convoluted, as though H felt the need to cram in every available plot device romance, war, mistaken identity, stories-within-stories-within stories. I’d never read it before and quite enjoyed the complex story heliodorhs.

An Ethiopian Romance – Heliodorus of Emesa – Google Books

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Dec 23, Danielle Wilson rated it liked it Shelves: Amazon Kindle 0 editions. He collected his breath, heaved a deep sigh, and murmured faintly. Nearly years have hellodorus since it was written, but is has aged well, remaining far more approachable than many more recent ‘classics’. Aethiopica is an early Greek Romance. Aithiopika feels very Shakespearean, heloidorus fact.

Heliodorus launches his tale of love and the quirks of fate with a bizarre scene of blood, bodies, and booty on an Egyptian beach viewed through the eyes of a band of mystified pirates.