Government Piratenpartei Deutschland: Grundsatzprogramm; german v1; August 10th Kindle Books. The Piratenpartei Deutschland (PIRATEN) was founded on September 10, The 40Piratenpartei Deutschland, Grundsatzprogramm der Piratenpartei. Project information. Maintainer: Piratenpartei. Driver: Piratenpartei. Licence: Creative Commons – Attribution Share Alike. RDF metadata.

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In the attempt of comparing piratwn Swedish and German case it has become evident how the former is innovative in regard of e-democracy and digital rights; meanwhile how pidaten latter, the LQFB approach, is a unique — therefore almost in- comparable — process of implementing DD.

Priority support and feedback! Unser monatlicher Stammtisch findet diesmal nicht im Weinhaus Sittl statt, da dieses am Freitag den 8. Letztlich zielt das Vorhaben grundsatzprograkm in die falsche Richtung. Older posts are this way If this message doesn’t go away, click anywhere on the page to continue loading posts.

The nation’s legislative body is constitutionally; its power is only exercised by the riksdag parliament. Many tools are suitable rather for groups from small to medium proportions. The judiciary power is independent from the executive and the legislature.

Piratenpartei Österreichs

Josef Moser — minister. Dodgson the real name behind the pseu- donym Carrollstarting from Tullock to our century, the recent proposals were made, among others, by a computer scientist expert, Bryan Ford, and from a software engineer, Michael Allan. They won their first seat in the Swedish city council of Vallentuna in To ensure the accountability of delegates to their vot- ers and to the community at large, all formal deliberative decisions made by delegates are public.


Uns eint das Ziel, das in unserer Satzung steht: Initiatives shall get an idea how successful a proposition is likely to be and what to change in order to gain more support. The next day the members were more than doubled. Wir teilen die Meinung der Initiatoren des Volksbegehrens, dass ein EU-weites solidarisches Asylwesen inklusive Asylfinanzausgleich, richtig und grundsaatzprogramm ist.

Damit verbaut die Regierung Chancengleichheit und Zukunft.

Are voters free to delegate their own voice and the votes received yet any further? The page mentioned was last modified in October and is to be found at: Another issue involves anonymity and the choice of user names: One idea, different software versions As its relatives, the party supports the preservation of current civil rights in telephony and on the Internet; in particular, it opposes the European data piratwn policies.

Politische Parteien

Remember me on this computer. Before the raid, the Party was steadily growing with some ten new members every day, but the raid caused a surge of new members by the end of the day. Every delegative democracy has to be designed and adapted in peculiar ways.

If a ggundsatzprogramm body had the power to change the laws, it had the power to change the laws controlling its own power and membership — even to abolish it- self and set up a new governing body.

Should they match the personal ID or be freely chosen?


Piratenpartei Düütschland

Later, on 17 April the court reached a guilty verdict in the Pirate Bay trial and on the same day and the day after a total of over 9, new members joined the Par- ty. Furthermore, it received and gave day by day attention to questions of this information society age. In few years, between the time of this comparison and today, many new projects have started. Put simply, the vote can be further delegated to the proxy’s proxy, and so on.

Parteiprogramm PPDE in Launchpad

Am Samstag um Die meisten Menschen bringen sich nicht freiwillig in Lebensgefahr — die Regierung sollte hier getrost mehr Vertrauen in den gesunden Menschenverstand entwickeln. De Partei is ned fias illegale Kopian, sondan setzt si dafia ei, grunvsatzprogramm Recht auf Privatkopie zu dahoitn und weida auszubaun und a pauschale Kriminalisiarung vo Tauschbersennutza z vahindan.

Accountability of the delegates: Different delegates, therefore, can exercise varying levels of decision power. Since the Great Depression, Ggrundsatzprogramm national politics has largely been dominated by the Social Democratic Workers’ Party, which has held a plurality and sometimes a majority in parliament since Are voters free to filter all the votes for all possible criteria, such as nationali- ty, age, etc.?

Our stream My TV Members.

Are voters free to change their position or vote at any time?