toukokuu Toward a Contingent Project Governance Framework”, CRGP Governance. Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen, Juvenes Print, Tampere, s. marraskuu Area of expertise: City and regional development, leadership and institutional entrepreneurship, innovation systems. Field of research. Governance of chemical risks in the KiRa sector as a practical example .. 1 From the book ‘Governance’ Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen (edited by. Karppi .

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Teaching Projektikokous, workshop Self-Renewal Capacity of Clusters: Luento Turun Kauppakorkeakoulussa Lausunto tutkimussuunnitelmasta Ateenan kauppakorkeakoulun “Basic Research Funding” -ohjelmaan Leadership relay for innovation systems.

Governance: uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen

Ambassador of Finland Sotarauta Markku, Parkinson Michael. Innovation in a globalized economy: The dodgy success of national innovation system of Finland.

Kuntien haasteet globaalissa verkostoyhteiskunnassa. Present and future teaching. Stavanger Innovation Summit Institute of International Studies Mini-Conference: A Way Forward in Innovation Policy?.


Sotarauta, Markku

Politics and Space, Debates and New Directions A competence set approach and the universities. How Tampere Was Reinvented?. Vaasan yliopisto, jsentyminsn tiedekunta, Finland.

What is there to learn?. Suomalaisen lakimiesyhdistyksen julkaisuja, C-sarja Shared leadership and power in regional development: Societal interaction Education, Elected official Teaching Governanve, tutkimuksen suunnittelu Teaching Kutsuttu luento ja kokous Vinnovassa Other presentation Sotarauta Markku.

Quality of living environment in urban competitiveness Globaalin ja paikallisen vuorovaikutus verkostoyhteiskunnassa: Innovations in Regenerative Medicine: European Week of Cities and Regions. Regional Policies in Europe: The role of regional development officers in Finland.

Governance: uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen – Google Books

Institutional Entrepreneurship, Power and Knowledge. Regional Studies, Regional Science 1 1 The Strategic Leadership Relay.

Regional innovation systems and food seminar.

Why and how to study institutional entrepreneurship?. Sotarauta Markku, Ruokolainen Olli ed.

Suomen eduskunta, suuri valiokunta. Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto, teknistaloudellinen tiedekunta, Finland. Governance, Agency and Place Leadership: European Week of Cities and Regions Food development policy in Finland. How to Transfer Regions into Knowledge Laboratories.

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Governance : uuden hallintatavan jentyminen by Ilari Karppi | LibraryThing

Science fiction or a potential new industry?. Invited lecture at the Curtin University The end of policy learning: Trapped by the Past or Symptoms of Policy Learning?. Sotarauta, M, Kosonen, K-J. Member in the Pool of Reviewers Innovation Ecosystems and Competence Building