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Perhaps she should just stop wondering and get on with her new, wonderful, incredibly horny, life. When they reach Samir’s home she is taught to be a concubine but Samir’s father is not happy with her being there. Whether that is true or not, and I like to think that it is, this makes for some damn It is safe to say that nobody writes erotica like Chloe Thurlow.

Chloe Thurlow

My second impression halfway through this book: And amazingly, she discovers choe in this foreign land, surrounded by people she can’t even communicate with properly.

It tells the story of a girl whose real name we never discover, as the book is told in first person. I kept thinking to myself, if I keep reading it will pick up and go somewhere and there will be some more shocking but intriguing stuff along the way. Wonen who love dub-con erotica. yirl

How can you fall in love with someone you can’t speak to outside of a couple of basic words?! If you have never experienced life that was so confining that it left you feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically dead, you are lucky, and this idea might not hit home with you.

This was a very different story from anything I’ve read–raw, edgy, realistic and solid writing. I will defiantly read more of this authors books.


Tells the story in chle person. It was the journey of one woman on a quest to find herself. From regular romance, paranormal romance, historical, sci-fi, horror, humorous and young adult. Once there, her life is changed forever. But that’s the whole point; through the quite horrible situations that she finds herself in initially, she learns to adjust and reinvent herself. I like to think I am quite open minded but admit I did find the first encounter with the urinating amongst other things in the face and the whole encounter a bit shocking.

Highly recommended reading, for both men and women, which is rare in this genre. The book is extremely well-written, with vivid settings, sensual descriptions of exotic belly-dancers, flavorful foods and drinks, the smells, the sounds, and the tastes of distant oceans, uninhabited islands, and the mesmerizing Sahara desert. This story of a girl who decides to take thrlow swim in the nude whilst on holiday, draws the reader in as she experiences a whole world of sex and punishment which she never knew existed.

She really has a way with expressing emotions and feelings. Anneke Carter was good with the delivery of the story.

Absolutely fascinating and very well written Written in first person this is an intriguing and hard edged story of a young woman who becomes Chengi. I found it quite effortless to imagine myself there, taking in the same sights and smells.

You are captured, humiliated and abused. If, however, you like hard erotica with dark themes such as kidnap, almost-forced sex, slavery, then you’ll enjoy it.

The heroine, a bored London girl who has discarded her boyfriend, goes thurolw holiday to La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands, where she learns to discard all inhibitions as she is initiated into a much greater self-awareness and sense of reality through a string of brilliantly-described and at times quite brutal sexual encounters. As time goes by she finds that she enjoys being a a slave and being beaten. The thurlkw chapter gripped me in a whirlwind of feelings: One for fans of hardcore erotica, rife with dark subject matter such as kidnap and slavery.

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She becomes the perfect concubine. The author also has a habit of repeating certain naughty words for shock factor, over and over again and it just gets a little bit tedious. Yes, some of it was okay and I could sort of see the appeal but some of it was just beyond me and I actually thought some of it was totally gross, which is a first.

The end of this novel was so emotional and consuming. Girl Trade is an amazing book and I think that all the readers This is brilliant book. Then a whole new journey begins, which is full of excitement, danger and subservience.

Girl Trade Audiobook | Chloe Thurlow |

How does this one compare? On hot afternoons on long days without number, she dedicates herself to the pleasures of sex in all its shapes chlos forms.

On hot afternoons on long days without number, she dedicates herself to the pleasures of sex in all its shapes and forms. I found the first chapter of Girl Trade both shocking and highly erotic.

There’s a rather strange swerving from the frivolous to the serious – what with the heroine’s delight in submissiveness and love for her Samir, and then hturlow glimpses of modern day slavery and it’s very real cogs.

Girl Trade

Can being urinated on, slapped and sodomised really be a turn on? But actually it’s all fake and not very satisfying. I don’t really have much to say about this one. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.