MAKE’EM PAY Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster GEORGE HAYDUKE Transcribed by ZoneTripper – — CONTENTS — Nelson. Make ‘Em Pay: Ultimate Revenge Techniques for the Master Trickster. George Hayduke. from: $ · Advanced Backstabbing and Mudslinging Techniques. Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks: George Hayduke: Books –

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They blow up loudly. She offers up some intelligence which might be useful to repay a hospital for. Sometimes they perform medical experiments on them, in humane fashion, of course.

In simple form, sugar added to sodium chlorate or sodium nitrate, along with nitrobenzene or diesel fuel as a catalyst, makes a generic chemical bomb. Where is the fighting-back sprit? Having been an Army grunt, I have never seen an aircraft carrier except in films or at a great distance. He finally had some fun with the vehicle of one from this breed of jerks.

Similar authors to follow

I would also very much like to hear from those of you gerge there who have had similar run-ins. Within five minutes, the hangar was flooded.

This where CW of Hastings drives in with a great payback.

This reprint of a turn-of-the-century manual from the U. For a simple get-even number, you obviously need less intelligence than if you’re planning an involved, time-release campaign. Sam Humenik rated it it was amazing May 29, The confusion of getting all of this straightened out will be a delight, too.

As a service, we are providing you with this form so that your rent can be reduced or stabilized if the owner of this building does not upgrade your apartment complex. This person you have hired to do your freaky stunt must be a terrible sight. What will we do with them all? Get to Know Us.


George Hayduke (author) – Wikipedia

Make it awful, crude or whatever would do the most damage. He converts empty washing machines and clothes dryers into pet cages. Newton for this charming use for previously live animals. Also, if you fill an auto’s gas tank with aircraft fuel, it will not be a happy experience for the vehicle, its owner, or the folks standing nearby when the owner tries to start ‘er up. First, Dick says they should never be placed on a mark’s bumper.

He played in a group with grorge piano pounder who was a thorough rotter. The boss had no airline alibi. And then I thought of some of our loud-mouthed leaders urging our vulnerable soul brothers on to getting themselves killed, and thought further that all unorganized violence is like a blind man with a pistol.

The audience got very restless. Try a dry run no georgf first so you see how you can handle this self-administered ipecac attack.

George Hayduke (author)

Start the cycle and run like hell. Within four days, the neighbor began to carry a pooper-scooper when he walked his dog.

Return to Book Page. He said that medical researchers are considering using them for experiments instead of laboratory rats because politicians are more plentiful, they have a metabolism close to that of humans, plus the technicians don’t become as emotionally attached gforge them. By the way, those little plastic bubble paints that some hobby stores carry team up very haysuke with a heavy-duty, field-model slingshot to do some colorful damage to all sorts of property.


I had done georye bit of hatduke makeup and had dressed the way my boss always dressed so haydjke a distance I looked like him. These little eggs, which look just like popcorn kernels, can be gathered from most fleabag apartments and hostels. Don’t take that literally. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I would love to be there. Don’t talk unnecessary with people. I, myself, had though of mounting a stiffy dead groundhog so that my mark’s new “hood ornament” stood up, impaled from the animal’s sphincter muscle.

Then minutes into the film he stepped unnoticed to the air hole and adjusted the volume all the way up with his antenna. If you really want to shatter your mark, as in “do the sucker in,” here you go. To our amazement they have drawn a lot of positive mail, including you folks sending in favorite quotes and quoters. Furious, her husband went to the police and was told that nothing could be done without independent witnesses.

These products come in powdered form to be mixed with water. Buy a bunch of these condemned prisoners and hold them as your guest until You’ve been fire or insulted by the idiot boss of a bar or restaurant, or you got a lousy meal there.