Email: Mail: [email protected] Family History Department GEDCOM Coordinator%3T Telephone: 50 East North Temple Street Salt Lake City. The GEDCOM specification was made purposefully flexible to support many ways of encoding data, particularly in. This chapter describes the specific tag, value, and pointer combinations used for exchanging lineage-linked genealogical information in the GEDCOM format.

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You must specificatioon logged in to post a comment. John Nairn – Date: Fri, 15 Feb The GEDCOM specification was made purposefully flexible to support many ways of encoding data, particularly in the area of sources. GEDCOM does not explicitly support data representation of many types of close interpersonal relationshipssuch as same-sex marriagesdomestic partnershipscohabitationpolyamorypolygamy or incest.

Tue, 11 Jul 89 A unique permanent record file number of an individual record stored in Ancestral File.

Wed, 24 Jan The age of the individual at the time an event specicication, or the age listed in the document. This section does not cite any sources. Retrieved from ” https: Pertaining to creation of a child-parent relationship that does not exist biologically. The standard does not specify in any way that the contents must be consistent.

Examples of this kind of metadata include: Genealogy articles needing expert attention Computer-related introductions in Computer file formats Genealogy and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Genealogy software.


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GEDCOM X Specifications

GEDCOM files can also contain attributes such as physical description, occupation, and total number of children; unlike events, attributes generally cannot be associated with a specific time or place. The only way to reveal such inconsistencies is by rigorous validation of the content data. First, newer versions of the standard allow data to be stored in Unicode or, more recently, UTF-8so text in any language can be stored.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Household list finder — Register: Examples of this kind of metadata include:.

The GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5

Printing trees with PAF? While GEDCOM X and several other specifications have been suggested as replacements, the current version remains the industry standard 20 years on. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is designed to assist software with a financial commitment to GEDCOM and prevent it getting left behind as further standards evolve.

Tue, 20 Feb When databases are exported from one of these programs to GEDCOM, these database structures cannot be represented in GEDCOM due to this limitation, with the result that the event or source information including all of the relevant citation reference information must be duplicated each place that it is used.

Retrieved 1 November This section needs attention from an expert in Genealogy. However not all elements within these records are processed. The GEDCOM X date format specifies a mechanism for representing dates, with specific attention given to the need to represent genealogical dates. But dates are not always known, in particular when dealing with data from centuries ago.


T Jenkins – open letter to GEDCOM-L – “The goal was to try and provide a standard to allow developers to provide a vehicle for their users to share genealogical conclusions and supporting evidence with others. Mon, 11 May Uniform use of Unicode would allow for the usage of international character sets. Caching directives such as the last modified timestamp or version.

The preferred record is usually listed first.

The data format for the resource. Support for Gedcom 5. Search any field, or part of a field using the search box; or filter on any column by entering a value in one or more of the filter boxes at the foot of specificaton list. This flexibility has led to a great deal of ambiguity, and has produced the side specificwtion that some genealogy programs which import GEDCOM do not import all of the data from a file. Archived from the original on The formal specifications are maintained in a version-controlled and access-controlled repository.

Identifiers for the resource.