pathways for the learners. The Gachathi Commission of resulted in a report that addressed the issue of national development and educational objectives. Although this report made several recommendations, it was never fully The Gachathi Report greatly motivated curriculum reform particularly in terms of coping. That report notes that half the Kenyan population is poor, with about 10 .. The Gachathi Report stressed that no improvement of education.

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The system has been the subject of national debate since its inception.

It recommended Kiswahili to be made a compulsory and examinable subject. Some of its Gachaghi of Reference were: This education system was unfavorable for most parts as it barred students from joining secondary school.

Thus the eve of independence brought with it sweeping reforms in the educational. The principal of University College Nairobi, Dr. It recommended that guidance and counseling in education and training institutes to be offered by professionally trained mature members. Achievement of universal primary education? Enrolment of overage learners 7. The Gathachi report noted with great concern the rising rate of unemployment among school leavers and recommended the restructuring of the education system curriculum in order to have more streams of science, mathematics and, technical and vocational subjects Republic of Kenya, There was also complaint that the 8: Gachathi Commission presented over proposals in the tough academic quest.


A majority of these reports were either rejected or partially implemented. Its devastation is similar to reprot of the failed Ujamaa in Tanzania many years after it was officially scrapped. These changes founded on the need to make the later curriculum more manageable. However, it was no implemented untilwhen an attempt was made.

Report of presidential working party Mackey Report. Ndegwa commission was determined to diversify academic curriculum to have more secondary schools reoprt to offer both vocational and technical skills to learners.

Education in primary schools was made free in and tuition fees in secondary schools removed inpaving way for free and compulsory basic education. Local Name Former International Name. The system of education gschathi in still remain the most radical and perhaps mindless change in the education in Kenya since independence.

It was for this act that Kenya Institute of Education came into being.

Gachathi Commission Report and Recommendations – Gachathi Report

There was emphasis on examinations that tested thinking and reasoning rather than just memory. Unit learning has also been implemented in universities. Facts and Life HacksEducation. The latter report was timely in addressing the shortcomings of Kenyan education system. The Ominde Commission is one of the pioneering education commissions since independence in Kenya.

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A close analysis of economic and social needs of the people played a crucial role in most of these educational reforms. Moi University Department of educational communication.

Education commissions in Kenya

Suggest ways and means of creating and promoting alternative educational programmes. Available online at www.

This commission was appointed with a back drop of many problems in the society such as the Aids pandemic and breakdown of societal values. The government had established the Ministry of Basic Education in in readiness for implementing 9 years basic education. Roles of the Bessay Commission? Inthe NARC government implemented free primary education. Reorganization of the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission for more effective services.

Most students who attended these secondary with inefficient structures and resources gradually registered poor performance jeopardizing educational quality. Instructors were encouraged to explore and teach in schools outside their region purposely to fight tribalism.

For instance, Amutabip. Porter was nominated by the government to help address the challenge.