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But when it comes to flea power amps they can make “boogie” real loud. The best combination turned out to be with the BSC circuit and no grills covering the drivers.

With the circuit you also lose a little of the foztex sensitivity, which could be an issue with low power amps. 206sn evaluate I listened to the speakers with and without the BSC circuit, with and without the grill covers and all possible combinations in between. A family friend had built me the back-loaded horn speaker cabinets and at the same time a pair double bass-reflex boxes also for the Fostex FEEn driver.

Figure 1 below shows the speaker box plan from the datasheet.

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Low frequency response from around Hz is gently damped with a controlled peak at Hz. Figure 2 shows typical values for use with this double bass-reflex speaker enclosure. This was a satin finish in black. The skills required can vary from simple drilling holes to complex carpentry. The horn speakers fostdx the Fostex FEEn 8″ fullrange driver.


Used Fostex FEEn Loudspeakers for Sale |

Not quite black more of a dark charcoal. You will want to take time fostdx find the best sepaker placement as proper placement will be rewarded with excellent acoustics. Two strands of wire wrap wire fine 30 AWG silver plated copper wire is use for both positive and negative of the speakers. To achieve this I used a cheap fostdx and after going once around the box with a white undercoating paint, I went around three more times with a semi-dry roller to really tease-up that stipple finish.

In the final assembly steps, most of the slack from the 206e wire double strains of lightly twisted wire wrap wire was removed and the drive screwed securely onto the boxes with supplied gasket.

20e6n who has tried a DIY audio project knows that you generally need to know more than how to just read a schematic and use a soldering iron. You can use the online calculator to determine the value of choke and resistor required based on the width of the speaker baffle and impedance of the speaker.

You can also try to wall-load the speakers but pulling them closer to the rear wall to try lift the low-end.

But I don’t shy from timber or metal enclosure preparation and finishing. Last update 1 September The circuit is simple, just one inductor and 206wn resistor in parallel with each other and in series with the speaker. I have had a pair of Fostex single driver back-loaded horns for a few years now. The double bass-reflex DBR speaker system is a variation of the standard bass-reflex BR enclosure that is intended to achieve further extension of the 206e response.

Fostex FE206En in Double Bass-Reflex Speaker Enclosure

Now I’m triply happy. That seems consistent fsotex what is described on the enclosure plan, “Internal volume of 45 liters tuned to approximately 50Hz Fb. Once more I went back over each surface three or more times using a semi-dry roller.

  KNC - 090 PDF

So much so that I had to have a pair for myself.

Putting your ear to the port with a 40Hz tone you can hear air rushing in and out. Fotsex wanted a dull stipple finish so reflections from the big screen TV from the sides of the speaker boxes would be minimized.

The photos below show the Fostex FEEn fullrange speaker drivers.

The power output from these amps ranges from 2. That was the finished I had envisaged, dull and heavily stippled. The fill material is used to dampen the rear wave from the driver and minimize standing waves and reflections within the speaker enclosure.

Kit, my son, had the FEEn double bass-reflex speakers in the corner of the room on a wood floor. Luckily when the double bass-reflex speaker boxes arrived they had already been sanded down and that meant I only had to finish the surface preparation with a pass of fine sand paper before applying a coat of primer.

After two hours of drying time I applied the top coat to the speaker boxes. The augmentation to the bass output is achieved by the use an additional chamber in the bass-reflex process.