Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson quickly became a best selling underground. Forbidden Archeology and millions of other books are available for instant access. .. Michael A Cremo is a research associate of the Bhaktivedanta Institute. Forbidden Archeology has ratings and 48 reviews. James said: Well, I guess controversy sells. This is a horrible book. Michael Cremo has set archaeol.

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They spent several summers traveling throughout Europe. Thompsonhas attracted attention from mainstream scholars who have criticized the views given on archeology [5] [6] and describe it as pseudoscientific.

It is this book that has opened the door to all the ancient alien theories that are now very popular. If you really are into alternative science and michaell then you may atcheology this interesting Just amazing, what you won’t be taught at school.

There is a depth of information that needs time to be read and processed for those of us who are not professionals in the field.

Michael Cremo

Una bella sequenza di balle raccontate pure male, con scarsa coerenza interna e pure senza scorrevolezza. Hardcoverunabridgedpages.

Before you let yourself get swept away by Michael Cremo’s tidal wave of horseshit, just do yourself a favor and see how mainstream science has addressed his claims.

Nov 04, The Incredible Hogg rated it liked it. Several reviewers Murray, [10]: I am happy I made the time to sit with this book. The scientific society has not been always honest with the public about the remains of our ancestors. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


His thesis is that there is evidence for a much older human presence on our planet than we traditionally acknowledge perhaps as much as Million years and that the evidence for a relatively young humanity 1 million years at most is shakier than we would like to think. Had I really been a direct ancestor of “homo erectus”, I guess it would have been appropriate for me to have just bonked him on the head with my caveman club Jun 12, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: So far I find the book convincing mostly because of the copious cases that the author references in the text.

Indeed, all Cremos claims have been addressed by the academic community, including using absolute dating methods to place these artifacts and bones, derived from “use-related secondary context”, in their proper historical context. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Forbidden Archeology – Michael A. Cremo

Jun 05, Nathan rated it liked it. Jul 17, John rated it liked it. Return to Book Page. Retrieved from ” https: Antievolutionism Outside the Christian Arena”. There archsology seem to be an orthodoxy in th scientific community that brands as heretics all those who don’t accept the status quo. Forbidden Archeology documents a systematic process of “knowledge filtration” and constitutes a serious challenge to the Darwinian theory of evolu Over the past two centuries archeologists and anthropologists have ignored, forgotten and suppressed vast quantities of evidence showing that human beings like ourselves have existed on this planet for tens of millions of years.


Cremo and Richard L.

Combining this with other mainstream histories of science A A fascinating alternative view of our anthropological knowledge and theories. His book Human Devolutionlike Forbidden Archeologyclaims that man has existed for millions of years, attempts to prove this by citing, as Meera Nanda puts it, “every possible research into the paranormal ever conducted anywhere to ‘prove’ the truth of holist Vedic cosmology which proposes the presence of a spiritual element in all srcheology which takes different forms, thereby explaining the theory of ‘devolution’.

View all 12 comments. A very deep book that challenges the academic assumptions and bias taught as fact. Other reviewers also wrote of the book as being doctrinally motivated.

Java Man, for instance, seems to rest on very shaky evidence. No trivia or quizzes yet.

For concerns forbldden copyright infringement please see: So, what about those strange artifacts found miles underground, dating back millions of years? About pages full of facts that contradict 18th-century evolution theory.

Oct 01, Peggy Bechko rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is a classic example of both a “strawman arguement” and a “red herring”. Refresh and try again.

Cremo takes examples of archaeological artifacts and bones that are out of “insitu” context and makes fantastic historical claims regarding these specimens. Forbidden Archeologywhich he wrote with Richard L. This book is shyt.