May 7, Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Efuru has ratings and 43 reviews. Paul said: Published in , this apparently was the first book written by a Nigerian woman to be published (this. Apr 29, When Nigerian writer Flora Nwapa published her debut novel Efuru in , it marked the beginning of a women’s literary revolution in Africa.

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This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat This eufru offers a description of the name Efuru and its meaning. Arguably, Nwosu does not deserve another loan.

Or maybe there should be a law banning men from pronouncing on, criticising works by women The first time I read a Flora Nwapa novel – this one – I was incredibly excited. This is the reason why she does not give her worshippers children as they flors. Just like many typical men, Gilbert did not see any reason for telling his wife that he had a son. Like Achebe, Nwapa commentates rather than judges, but the messages are clear and this book is about the society of women in the same way Things Fall Apart is about the society of men.

She also is known for her governmental work in reconstruction after nwaps Biafran War. Have students examine their own personal beliefs concerning religion. I’m currently reading Efuru – it’s the first work of Flora Nwapa’s that I am reading and I found the first line of the book riveting; although she has been a hovering presence in my literary nwapz for a long-time I’ve never till now actually engaged with her work. His wife blames him for his thoughtlessness.

Common terms and phrases Adizua age-group Ajanupu asked Amede ancestors angry baby beautiful began called camwood canoe cassava child cloth cook daugh daughter daughter-in-law nwwapa doctor dowry drink Efuru asked Efuru’s father Efuru’s mother-in-law Eneberi Eneke farm finished fish fufu nwaa gave Gilbert Gilbert’s mother girl give greeted ground-nuts happened happy head hear heard husband Igbemgbele kill kola lake laughed leave Let day break look Mgbam mgba morning Ndoni night Nkoyeni Nkwo day Nnona Nwabata Nwabuzo Nwashike Ogene Nwosu ogbono soup Ogea’s mother Ogea’s parents Ogonim Omerere Omirima Onicha Orisha Ossai paddled palm nwzpa palm wine pounds refused returned schnapps sister sleep soup stream sympathizers talk tell Thank things told took town trade Uhamiri wait washed wept white disease wife woman women worry wrappa yams young.


Flora Nwapa and the African woman’s struggle to identify as feminist

She was as old as the lake itself. She aids the sick and poor. Not long after she has returned to her father, a suitor, Eneberi, appears. African women writer’s have definitely been under-rated and under celebra I’m currently reading Efuru – it’s the first work of Flora Nwapa’s that I am reading and I found the first line of the book riveting; although she has been a hovering presence in my literary awareness for a long-time I’ve never till now actually engaged with her work.

Are you less of a woman if you don I really enjoyed this book. In her book Efuru became Africa’s first internationally published female novel in the English language Heinemann Educational Books.

The story is set in West African Igbo rural community. This fashion designer is turning afro hair into luxury fabrics In a world that often rejects them, this site offers queer African women a place to belong.

She falls in love with a poor farmer called Adizua and runs away with him, upsetting her people as he did not even perform the traditional wine carrying and pay her bride price. Efuru buries the child without her husband at the funeral.

It introduced me a bit more to Nigerian culture and traditions. Having studied abroad and served in government and educational sector in Nigeria at different times and towns, there is no doubt that Nwapa had mingled enough with the society to perceive the way women are treated.

There is no doubt that sacrifice plays a very important role in the life of people. She is good-natured, honest, patient, generous, forgiving, industrious, a loyal wife, from a respected family, and well liked by the majority of the people in her village.

Had to read it for a world lit class. She was distinguished herself” Nwapa 1.

eufru Thank you for your feedback. Efuru, rather than face what she sees as shame, leaves Adizua’s home and returns to her father. Many African authors have turned their novels efuu screenplays. Efuru then tries to look for him, but after failing, she leaves his house and goes back to the house of her father who receives her happily as she can care for him better than others.

He asks to marry her and follows traditions by visiting her father, and she accepts.


Flora Nwapa | Nigerian author |

Finally, Efuru realizes that she surely must have a higher calling, and perceives that a goddess of her tribe, “the lady of efurh lake” has chosen her for another role. Efuru can be said to be more sinned against than sinning.

This is one of the examples of financial recklessness which has made many families in the continent impoverished. I liked it, I didn’t love it. However, the truth can never be hidden—the child visits the father and causes a stir in the home.

Thus is the case of the main character Efuru who is beautiful, but she is more than just a pretty face. Anyone criticising this novel floa its simplicity – try to craft a response more eloquent than Efuru’s when she speaks of ‘ It frustrates me reading some of the reviews for Efuru on here.

Good health is what we pray for. When Efuru’s husbands are unfaithful to her, she also, unlike in other polygamous villages, is able to leave her husbands. Like Jesus, Efuru continues to love the unloved and cares for people despite their depravity. Efuru is a woman who moves to the beat of her town’s river goddess, to the beat of her own drum.

Please try again later. It is required for proper orientation in the story. Retrieved from ” https: After a little protestation, Gilbert agrees to have another wife. After her daughter dies, Efuru discovers that he has married another woman and had a child with her. Nwapa would later retract her earlier objections to being called a feminist. Oct 29, Corvinus Maximilus rated it it was amazing Shelves: Why then did the women worship her?

She lost her mother while she was still very young. For fkora it was like a case of “” – West Africans would realise what Floea mean. Rather, she is happy that her matrimonial home is now filled with people. Like his wife, Efuru, Adizua had lost his father at early age and was brought up by his mother. Not because he has not repaid the first loan, but because of what he invested the loan in—chieftaincy title.