The Post-American World is a non-fiction book by American journalist Fareed Zakaria. It was published in hardcover and audiobook formats in early May and became available in paperback in early May ; the Updated and Expanded Release followed in Release Fareed Zakaria (Author) Fareed Zakaria’s international bestseller The Post-American World pointed to the “rise of the rest”—the growth of. Zakaria, the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS and an editor at large for Time The Post-American World: Release by Fareed Zakaria.

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This is an important and optimistic book about America and its future. While it is fashionable now to predict gloom about America’s future as an economic and political power and over emphasise the rise of China and other powers, Zakaria brings a balance thru his analysis and says that there is no need to push the panic button.

He says that despite some eerie parallels between the position of the United States today and that of the British Empire a century ago, there are key differences.

The Post-American World – Wikipedia

First, as a good faith disclaimer, let me say that I tend to love this kind of book. And they’ve done that so successfully that Germany, which has a quarter of America’s population, exports more than America does. Interesting British history and the ways it compares to ours.

The challenge for America eorld is political decline, for as others have grown in importance, the central role of the United States, especially in the ascendant emerging markets, has already begun to shrink. The book is not about the decline of America although there are some things things you can definitely point to as examples of possible decline.

After finishing the book, I was at a loss trying to summarize for myself what Zakaria was trying to say. It is the birth of a truly global order.

The rest of the world is rising. A fascinating look at China, worth the price of the book.


This does not mean, however, that the Fsreed will be relegated to the sidelines of the international world. In andthat number was Of the top ten malls in the world, only one is in the United States; the world’s biggest is in Dongguan, China.

The Post-American World Release 2. This is all too clear with the globalization of numerous American companies such as the McDonalds and Starbucks franchises, which can now be found almost anywhere in the world, on every continent except Antarctica.

The Post-American World

Economics in an enlightening manner, “It was not the Great Depression that brought the Nazis to power in Germany but rather hyperinflation, which destroyed the middle class by making its savings worthless”.

Because the government really set about ensuring that it maintained funding for technical training, technical advancements and programs. China’s weakness, though, is a fear of social unrest. If we didn’t have the rest of the world growing, the United States economy would be in much worse shape than it is today.

Well-written and well-researched book. And he shares nicely. For those who are looking for help in trying to understand how the world works today and the US can best deal with it, the book will be of great value. He does a great job with his discussion of history’s many narratives, and the placing of America’s current situation in historical context.

Dec 01, Satyaki Mitra rated it really liked it Shelves: A few reviewers also wrote that the book was similar to an extended essay with journalistic style writing. Lionel Gelber Prize Nominee India also has similar checks and balances as Western countries in that great public works projects are subject to objection from local people, and so their growth isn’t quite at the same breathtaking pace as China’s, but it is still impressive nonetheless.

At the end he concludes to 6 recommendations to get through Most Americans ignore the fact that a third of the country’s public schools are totally dysfunctional because their children go to the other two-thirds.

But, as other nations follow our lead and rise to their own model of capability and prosperity, our position relative to them will level somewhat. There are events that economics call low-probability, high-impact events that you don’t want to test. His latest book makes a persuasive case that the world is moving in the right direction, that the world is less violent than anytime in human history and that United States should utilize its strengths to keep a strong position in the world while realizing that a multi-polar world is at hand in the coming decades.


Thought I’d like this more than I did. I am always a little hesitant to read books about current political events because they are so easily partisan.

The political system is antiquated and is captured by money, special interests and a sensational media. The Rise of the Rest, 2. It also produced the prolonged political dominance of the nations of the West. The biggest movie industry, in terms of both movies made and tickets sold, is Bollywood, not Hollywood.

In this his says we need to be less Britain than Bismarck, which I rather like. Various reviewers called the writing intelligent and sharp. He can’t admit this possibility because class plays no part in his analysis or in his thinking. But Zakaria cautions that the economic growth around the world — and the benefits that global economic stability create — do not extend to the political arena.

Cart Support Signed in as: He explains why the U. Open Preview See a Problem? China certainly has no interest in becoming the world’s policeman. It might seem strange to focus on growing prosperity when there are still hundreds of millions of people living in desperate poverty. The final chapter outlines how the US has used its power and provides six guidelines for the US to follow in the ‘post-American world’ envisioned by Zakaria.