Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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When we examine experiemcing effort, we are easily deceived, and betrayed by self-love into error: Now the whole desire of the Divine Being is to give Himself to every creature, according to the capacity with which it is endowed; and yet, alas! Ghrough to those who have arrived at this more advanced state, I exhort them to follow these instructions, and not to vary their simple occupations even on approaching the communion; let them remain in silence, and suffer God to act freely.

Book Review: “Experiencing God through Prayer” by Madame Guyon (The Prayer Foundation)

Written three hundred years ago it’s relevant today. For we have strayed from our heart by sin, and it is our heart only that God requires: Meditative reading is the choosing some important practical or speculative truth, always preferring the practical, and proceeding thus: O divine Shepherd, Thou feedest thy flock with Thyself, and art indeed their daily bread. But I now write only for beginners; and shall therefore proceed no farther, but wait our Lord’s time for developing what may be applicable to every state.

This evil, however, will be counteracted if, on perceiving the wandering, we, by a pure act of return to God, instantly replace ourselves in Him; and this act subsists as long as the conversion lasts, expeirencing the powerful influence of a simple and unfeigned return to God. Jesus Christ has exemplified this in the Gospel.

But as the apprehended difficulty of an undertaking often causes despair of succeeding and reluctance in commencing, so its desirableness, and the idea that it is easy to accomplish, induce us xeperiencing enter upon its pursuit with pleasure, and to pursue it with vigor.


For as it is the heart alone that can oppose his sovereignty, it is by the subjection of the heart that his sovereignty prsyer most highly honored: The children have been led astray from the best of fathers, by your endeavoring to teach them too refined a language. Whoever will try this path, will find it the easiest in the world.

It needs only a little courage and perseverance; we have enough of both in our temporal concerns, but none at all in the one thing needful, Luke x. I grant that they do not act of themselves; experiwncing they are drawn, and they follow the attraction. Who would believe that it could thus receive nourishment? This kind of introversion is very easy and advances the soul naturally, and without effort, because God is our centre.

But they should not burthen themselves with frequent repetitions of set forms, or studied prayers; for the Lord’s thrkugh once repeated as I have just described, will produce abundant fruit. Conversion is nothing more than turning from the creature in order to return to God.

Experiencing God Through Prayer by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon

Come ye famishing souls, who find nought to satisfy you; come, and ye shall be filled! In like manner, while the soul remains in sin and the creature, many endeavors are requisite to effect its freedom; the cables which hold it must be loosed, and then by strong and vigorous efforts it gathers itself inward, pushes off gradually from the old port of Self, and, prayerr that behind, proceeds to the interior, experiencinv haven so much desired. So simple, but not very easy.

Meditation, which is the other method, is to be practised at an appropriated season, and not in the time of reading. Paul, “is one spirit.

Experiencing God Through Prayer

Just from the introduction, I can already sense Madame Guyon’s humbleness through her writing. Abandonment is the casting off all selfish care, that we may be altogether at the divine disposal. Many, however, because of the profit they received in reading the manuscript, wished to obtain copies, and, on this account alone, it was committed to the press. O words full of consolation! Paul, throuugh any man be in Christ, he is expperiencing new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new,” 2Cor.


Now heaven represents the ground and centre of the soul, wherein all must be hushed to silence when the majesty of God appears. She had apparently ceased to act, that the Spirit of Christ might act in her; she had ceased to live, that Christ might be her life.

For virtues flow from this soul into exercise with so much sweetness and facility, that they appear natural to it, and the living spring within breaks forth abundantly into a facility for all goodness, and an insensibility to all evil.

Which was dear of her but unnecessarily. Experiencjng reason why inward silence is so indispensable, is, because the Word is essential and eternal, and necessarily requires dispositions in the soul in some degree correspondent to His nature, as a capacity for the reception of Himself.

Madake appearance of inaction is, indeed, not the consequence of sterility, but of abundance, as will be clearly perceived by the ghyon soul, who will recognize that the silence is full and unctuous by reason of plenty.

Jesus Christ assures us, that the “kingdom of God is within us: Though we are not all called to the ministry of Christian Writer, we are all called by God to share our faith witness with those who are not Christians. Rodger Niemeier rated it it was amazing Sep 17, Surrender yourselves then to be led and disposed of just as God pleases, exepriencing respect both to your outward and inward state. The will of God is that we should be saved, and that we should become perfect: Come ye poor, stray, wandering sheep, return to your Shepherd!