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There are 3 kinds of Kindred males depending on their characteristics which the reader learns as the storyline unfolds in each book: As much as I’m ashamed of myself, all you have to do is ask. Refresh and try comprometudo. The first book is about a Beast Kindred, Baird, and his chosen bride Olivia. Genetic traders who can’t reproduce females of their own race? I devoured this book.

Esclavo Comprometido – Evangeline Anderson (YunJae Mode)

There is a one month probation period in which the Kindred I didn’t like this one. What redeemed this book, and me continuing with the series was the total attention to detail. I ended up feelin This book was a meh read for me. Claimed is set infive years after the Earth is attacked by the menacing aliens known as the Scourge.

The whole claiming period was 30 days, hey I think that’s good, I think thats just under what The Bachelor and Bachelorette gets lol. He was so perfect it me feel a little ill! First though he must get through the month long claiming period where every week a new test of resistance is given to Oliva. Please dear book fairies do not let Jillian appear with any regularity in any more of the books because if she “giggles” much more my eyes may get permanently stuck at the top of my head!


Evangeline Anderson – Los Perdidos 2/2 | Jardín De Sakuras

I get a lot of things, but at this point I can’t hear the sense in all that over the sound of Olivia’s stupidity.

And of course we learn about the claming period and the bonding week. Earth had been attacked by bad aliens called the Scrouge, but just in the nick of time the Kindred, the good aliens, turn up to save the day!

Overall, a pretty good book. Olivia, oh dear Olivia. Claimed had me on page one with the word, ” Mine. I mean the claiming leaves very little rights to the female in the first 30 days. And if this were to happen. Mar 31, Tracy’s Place rated it liked it.

There are some funny scenes, especially when Olivia tries to learn and navigate the Kindred way of life. There is only one small catch for the help they are offering. I’m mean, earth female has been drafted to bond with alien male. The Kindred com;rometido able to defeat the Scourge and now live in ships above the surface of Anedrson. I also want to see where the story line with the Scourge will lead because that is definitely not over. Leaving him evangline frustrated and her always hot and under his spell.

I was so enveloped in this ‘alien’ world, that I couldn’t help but push on and just hope beyond hope that Olivia unstupid herself from this whole whiny BS she was spewing at me with her perpetual inner dialogue. This book was a meh read for me. Once the bride bonds with the kindred, they stay on that planet with her mated kindred.

Evangeline Anderson – Roto para Siempre | Jardín De Sakuras

After having seen some reviews with some rather unfortunate things being said about the heroine I started with evqngeline expectations. Olivia hence forth becomes almost unbearably irritating. Sophia Livs sister was not helping the book she acted like it was Livs duty to come back to earth for her.

But there were other things I really liked about this book, it showed comproometido potential between Liv’s twin Sophia and Baird’s brother Sylvan a Blood Kindred aka Space Vampire and I really can’t wait to read their book! I get that the story needed that conflict evamgeline order for the reader to feel satisfied with the payoff at the end.


Yeah that’s right I love Evangeline Anderson. Just look at human societies, when there are not enough available females.

So, I gave this book a five star, when the heroine actually pushed this book to a three star on multiple occasions. But how can you resist a sexy hero who is built, hung like a Clydesdale, dedicated to your pleasure and loves you? My rating for this book is 2 stars. There is an alternative future for humankind in this book. My sweet yet animalistically sexy Baird!

Even the idea of the Kindred and Scourge if they were re-written or re-imagined to be just slightly more believable, could be awesome That said Nov 02, Future Slayer Girl rated it it was amazing Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet. It did not build tension, it just annoyed the tar out of me.

Most readers will love this quality but I am coming to the conclusion that this book is really meant coprometido readers other than me. Not as much as “pussy”, but more than a few times for sure. The answer is you don’t but the heroine doesn’t realize this until almost too late. The love Baird shows his “mate”. I mean, can you acually use that thing without being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon? I also think she occasionally has good creative ideas like the genetic trading thing that could be expanded on a lot further.

Apr 23, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: Olivia though is not sure she can give up her life on Earth for Baird.