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There is a theory, which I find limited and unproductive, that literature can be Americanized by going back to before the conquest and bringing to life the Quechua and Inca civilizations with the ideas and feelings of the natives.

The satire of Tradiciones does not probe very deeply nor does it hit snrique hard. They know that in Prada it is the spirit, not the letter, that matters. Mere literary erudition does not suffice for a profound interpretation of the spirit of literature.

In his oopez, a really national literature should be nourished on history, legend, and tradition, all of the past.

What has the author Tony Lopez written

As to color and descriptive powers, it should not be forgotten that Eguren is a good painter although of lesser stature than as a poet and that he began to paint before he wrote poetry.

His individualistic, anarchical, solitary spirit was not suited to the direction of a vast collective enterprise. Ruben Dario believed that he thought more easily in French than in Spanish, and he was probably right. Chocano is merely an eloquent spectator of its landscapes and scenic pageantry. His lyricism saves Hidalgo from falling into an excessively cerebral, subjective, nihilistic art. He is spiritually too occidental and foreign to assimilate indigenous orientalism.

It was a fleeting literary meteor that had no precise outlines, no true aesthetic pattern to impose on its followers. Unlike the specifically colonialist writers, Chocano is not a member of the Lima plutocracy.


Enrique López Albújar

He guarded this sentiment against civilismo and its intellectual and ideological expressions. The bland, gray coast may have isolated him from the history and people of Peru. Literature is not bread but a luxury. I look at that rag of a man. Felipe Pardo, arbitrarily designated by Galvez as one of the precursors of literary Peru-vianness, repudiated the republic and its institutions albujaf simply out of aristocratic feelings but more out of royalist feelings. Here, for once, it has maneuvered adroitly and Palma officially appears as the foremost representative of colonialism.

Furthermore, as Carlos Octavio Bunge points out in his study of Argentine literature, popular poetry has always preceded artistic poetry. There are many revolutions, among them the liberal and the socialist.

Your glances summoned my kiss but your laugh was a river running between us separating us, girl, and I from my shore put you off until dreamtime. In Melgar, it is but an erotic lament; in Vallejo, a albuuar undertaking.

Cuentos andinos ( edition) | Open Library

We have seen how a generation or rather a Radical movement that recognized Gonzalez Prada as its leader succeeded a neo-civilista or colonialist movement that proclaimed Palma as its patriarch; and we have seen how it was followed by a colonida movement, which was the precursor of a new generation.

He did not deny his demagogic and stormy past as a supporter of Billinghurst nor was he ashamed of this episode. Let us harden ourselves. Byron and Hugo are cited by Chocano, but it is the poets of the Spanish language who have most directly influenced his writing.

Colonida was a brief phenomenon. He writes with an eye to the Royal Academy and. The first stage of Peruvian literature could not escape its Spanish origin, not because it was written in the Spanish language, but because it was conceived with Spanish spirit and sentiment.


If the tremulous yaravi music still can pierce our soul with a strange anguish, we must carry within us some residue of the Inca empire and of the struggle between the two races. It is a new, rebellious art that breaks with the courtly tradition of a literature of buffoons and lackeys.

The nation itself is an abstraction, an allegory, a myth that does not correspond to a reality that can be scientifically defined. They sympathized with all the heretical, unorthodox, solitary figures of our literature.

giancarlo chira

From a historical-aesthetic standpoint his work belongs to the Spanish epic. Basically, these critics do not like the yaravi type of poetry and they prefer any soporific ode of Pando. And at this cold hour, when the earth transcends human dust and is so sad, I would like to knock on every door, and beg I do not know whose pardon, and bake him little pieces of fresh bread here in the oven of my heart. Nevertheless, indigenous sentiment was not totally unexpressed in this period of our literary history.

This accounts for his lack of popularity; the masses only understand and follow men who are frank and violent in their affirmation—with words, like Mirabeau, with deeds, like Napoleon. In independent Peru, writers like Listas and Hermosillas and their disciples almost invariably disdained the common people. The name and work of Garcilaso fill an entire period of Peruvian literature. In Authors, Poets, and Playwrights.

But before the appearance of the first issue, the codirectors fought and Cultura was published without Valdelomar.

Valdelomar does not fit into the arbitrary classifications of old-fashioned criticism.