Engenharia de software (Portuguese Edition) by [Sommerville, Ian] esta nona edição de Engenharia de software teve seu conteúdo per publisher limits; Publisher: Pearson; 9 edition (January 1, ); Publication Date: January 1, Veja grátis o arquivo SWEBOKv3 enviado para a disciplina de Engenharia de Software Categoria: Outros – 9 – Veja grátis o arquivo Ian Sommerville Software Engineering Pearson () enviado para a disciplina de Engenharia de Software Categoria: Outros – 9.

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Others will work on mili- tary systems but not on weapons systems.

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I find that a philosophical approach is too abstract and difficult to relate to every- day experience so I prefer the more concrete approach embodied in professional codes of conduct Bott ; Duquenoy Issues in embedded systems typi- cally include physical size, responsiveness, and power management, etc.

If you discuss these while they are just a suspicion, you may be overreact- ing to a situation; if you leave it too long, it may be impossible to resolve the difficulties.

The system may actually operate safely throughout its life- time. I introduce each of these systems in this chapter; more information about each of them is available on the website software-engineering-book.

Where an organization is involved in military or nuclear work, it should be able to specify that employees must be willing to accept any work assignment. The system types that I use as case studies are: Programming environments, such as Eclipse Vogel will be the most familiar type of environment for readers of this book. The example of an information system used is a medical records system. Although the system may not have been validated according to predefined criteria, these criteria may be too strict.


Enviado por Barbara flag Denunciar. In any situation where different people have different views and objectives, you are likely to be faced with ethical dilemmas.

Is it best to argue a case engennharia your position from within the organization or to resign in principle? An embedded system This is a system where the software controls some hard- ware device and is embedded in that device. This is the approach taken by Laudon Laudon and Johnson Johnson If the situation is very dangerous, it may be justified to publicize it using the national press or social media.

The con- ventional deicao of diabetes involves eicao injections of genetically engineered insulin. Say a company is responsible for developing a safety-critical system and, because of time pressure, falsifies the safety validation records.

I think that ethics are best discussed in a software engineering context and not as a subject in its own right. They include ethical issues for technology users as well as developers.

Ian Sommerville Software Engineering Pearson (2015)

It is also the case that, even when properly validated, the system may fail and cause an accident. If you sotware that there edicqo problems with a software project, when do you reveal these problems to management?

The general area of ethics and professional responsibility is increasingly important as software-intensive systems pervade every aspect of work and everyday life. Clearly, this depends on the people involved and the nature of the disagreement. Another ethical issue is participation in the development of military and nuclear systems. The key requirements of such systems are reliability, even in hostile environ- mental conditions, and maintainability. An information system The primary purpose of this iaan of system is to manage and provide access to a database of information.


People who suffer from diabetes use the system.

Diabetes is a relatively common condition in which the human pancreas is unable to produce sufficient quantities of a hormone called insulin. Yet others feel that national security is an overriding principle and have no ethical objections to working on weapons systems. The example of an embedded engfnharia that I use is a software system to control an insulin pump for people who have diabetes.

Where they cannot be resolved, the engineer is faced with, perhaps, another problem. More recent texts such as that by Tavani Tavani introduce the notion of cyberethics and cover both the philosophical background and practical and legal issues.

The software controlling this system is an embedded system that collects information from sommervklle sensor and controls a pump that delivers a controlled dose of insulin to a user.

The appropriate ethical posi- tion here depends on the views of the people involved. The potential for damage, the extent of the damage, and the people affected by the damage should influence the decision. Equally, if an employee is taken on and makes clear that he or she does not wish to work on fe systems, employers should not exert pressure to do so at some later date.