A masterpiece that is breathtaking in its scope, SARUM is an epic novel that traces the entire turbulent course of English history. This rich tapesty weaves a. Sarum. Set in the magical landscape of Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury, SARUM is an epic story of five families – the Wilsons, the Masons, the. Sarum. Q. You decided to write Sarum straight away? A. Not quite. For about three months I thought about several projects, but none seemed right. The idea of .

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The family that ruled Sarum in Roman times becomes in the 19th century the tenant farmers living on land owned by another family that were Anglo-Saxon peasants in the 11th, and so on. But I was only out in the cold for a little over two years.


Books by Edward Rutherfurd. After numerous attempts to saeum books and plays, he finally abandoned his career in the book trade inand returned to his childhood home to write SARUM, a historical novel with a ten-thousand year story, set in the area around the ancient monument of Stonehenge, and Salisbury.

Each of these characters are succeeding generations to those who feature within the first few pages, ritherfurd the author consistently uses the genetic characteristics of each generation in order to describe where they fit in.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read some meaty historical fiction or sadum get an entertaining grounding in the history of Britain. Videos about this book Buy Online Click below to purchase this book in all formats: It is truly amazing; though, just like the scope of the storyline, I can barely start to explain why.

If history lessons were like this at school, it would have been a lot more interesting. Most problematic for the final third however, is the pacing. How can this text be made better? Or does the charting of great deeds dominate the folk who undertake them?


Stay in Touch Sign up. Educated locally, and at the universities of Cambridge, and Stanford, California, he worked in political research, bookselling and publishing.

I linked to it from my review of the book because it explains a lot that I didn’t. That one limits itself to a mere 10 centuries.

Looking for More Great Reads? No skimming allowed in this one or you’ll lose the thread of the story. It tells the story of England through the tales of several families in and around the English city of Salisburythe writer’s hometown, from prehistoric times to Yes, and as a Michener devotee, I hesitate to say it.

Arrow BooksEdward Rutherfurdreview. It is an extremely empowering feeling – and part of the book’s charm – to watch the families grow, succeed, and fail, knowing exactly where they came from, where they are at now, and their connections, sometimes better than they do.

Historical fiction works, and works well, when it can be lingered over, savored; when it can be read, then re-read, as the author’s glowing accounts of historical events come to life right off the page. The last two chapters were the most heart wrenching for me, but there are a lot of moments like that.

This fiction just makes you want to read more non-fiction on the History of England. In the days of British Empire, Adam Shockley fights in the American War of Independence; Peter Wilson takes part in the great naval battle of Trafalgar ; Jane Shockley tries to join Florence Nightingale as a gutherfurd, before succumbing to a scandalous romance.

Edward Rutherfurd || Sarum

Does Rutherfurd out-Michener Michener? And there is even a delightful recurring device that appears throughout most of these pages which I enjoyed revisiting each time.

No politics get injected in the background of historical period detail — it is told, straight, to help couch the feelings and motivations of the characters. Do you work in the book industry? There is plenty of action to keep readers motivated to finish the book. It is a magnificent story, chronicling the rise and fall of noble families, the enterprise and acumen of certain individuals, both fictional and historical, and the social and political affairs of the days in which they lived.


Education Did You Know? I would love to see it corrected in later editions Read it Forward Read it first. The cl A really marvellous read – this one follows the format that the author uses in all his work so far, he tells the story using ordinary folk who go through the momentous times in history. And his research fell short in developing his ancient culture of England. Throughout the book, we witness the first prehistoric settlements where the five rivers meet, the building of Stonehenge, the founding of New Sarum, the building of its magnificent cathedral, and the journeys to the New World, all the way to the attempts to restore the Cathedral’s Spire in The first pages or so are amazing.

Due to its originality, the reader roots for Sarum, and that is what propelled me to finish it, and to have been happy in so doing. Inthe City of Salisbury commemorated his services to the city by naming one of the streets leading off its medieval market place ‘Rutherfurd Walk’.

Sarum: The Novel of England by Edward Rutherfurd

To this day, we don’t know for sure exactly when Stonehenge was built or for what purpose, and I remember an Irish history professor in college telling me “Don’t believe anything anyone writes about druids – crazy people write about druids. Even so, this book still isn’t one of my favorites by this author. I got married and had my first child.

Paperbackpages. But one cannot escape the rushed feeling of the final sections, and it is a shame.