DownloadThe catcher in the rye download pdf. PDF Ricollocamento del Xbox scene com tutorial hitachisamsungtutorialv35merged pdf. Mb. Metrologic. EvolutionX for Dummies, ~xbox/xbox-scene/tutorials/ , evoxfordummies. Use Evolution X to play. I’m having a lot of fun learning about Xbox mods and just about every search I run turns up relevant results from I’ve been trying to rescue good information and tutorials and put it in our wiki here, since.

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Hardware Modification Tutorials Xbox Linux Tutorials While making a backup of the game you own may be legal, we ask that you not discuss any nature of the process in the channel Where to find ROMS, no matter if you say you are entitled to them or not.

Are there any archives of ? : originalxbox

They’re hanging around to learn new things and help others when they feel so, and they don’t like seeing the same questions a million times. Without the services from http: All xbox software can be found on the FTP. A lot of my childhood was archived there, online Rules Post content related to the original Xbox console.

If you do so, remember to be specific: If you have done this and still need help, enter your irc nickname in the “Help me! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Discussion about back-ups, et cetera, hitachisamsungtutorialb35merged fine. To my surprise you could read everything!


Do not post content related to Xbox or Xbox One. Help “features” – For each Item below there is a “keyword”. I would love to reread it. A lot of good helpful information is lost due to the forums going down. Still a shame to see a big repository of knowledge gone even if you had to dig through a lot of junk to find it.


One guy mentions that if you plug a different locked HDD in to an iND bios box, you get a kernel panick. Submit a new link. And, if you get your problem solved, remember to say “Thank you” Rules: Xbox Modding Resources old. Unfortunately, as of the forum is down and we can’t access any of that valuable information.

I was reminiscing about previous websites hiyachisamsungtutorialv35merged I used to visit daily and just for the hell of it I checked. I’m sure it’s not pretty, but it’s still important to me. And if English isn’t your native language, it isn’t an excuse for being lazy.

Hell, Xox remember the historic moment when the LBA bit limit was surpassed, allowing you to partition hard drives larger than GBytes. If no one answers you in 30 seconds, there’s no need to start asking why no one’s answered you, and you dont need to repeat!

Xbox Software Hitachisamsungtutorialv35merved Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I thought I was dreaming for a brief moment. If you face some problems when implementing the solution he’s given you, ask further questions so that he or hitachisajsungtutorialv35merged else can give you more instructions.

Xbox Live Tutorials Simple way to install games and apps to the xbox hard drive using Evolution-X all versions. It was a treasure trove of internet history. This includes personal backups.

Log in or sign up in seconds. I have 4 stock HDDs, none of them have been manipulated by anything other than the box itself, and they all work fine inside my iND boxes. It would be interesting to reread what I wrote in as a young teenager.


I am really happy to see this sub is so active because it’s been a lifesaver. I remember using it way back when I originally did my softmod and yeah it was a lot of general shitposting and people who can’t use a search function. With a working MS Dash. Others are more likely to respect you if you speak properly. Please understand that most issues are common ones, and have been asked, and answered many times before. As you say, there was hitachisamsunngtutorialv35merged lot of over inflated ego pushing opinions on xbox-scene, but even back in the hitachisa,sungtutorialv35merged, it was still the best single source of information.

Sad to hear it’s gone, while at the same time, happy to hear it’s gone. How to install XDK debug dashboard to your retail Xbox? I remember xbox-scene being non-helpful even back in the day.

I ihtachisamsungtutorialv35merged should have stopped what I was doing and figured out how to make a backup. If you have found a tutorial, or forum post about your problem it didn’t help, or you didn’t understand it, mention that in your question too. Yeah Google cache and way back machine are about it.

Sometimes you can luck out with Google Cache and it will be backed up there. The easiest way to turn your green led to red without taking off the front panel. Most of the time, people dont ewl to help someone hitachisamsungtutoiralv35merged.