By Dom Famularo and Stéphane Chamberland Drumset Book Item: unequal abilities between a drummer’s dominant and weaker muscle sets in. [FONT=”Lucida Sans Unicode”]Roland td w/exp – pd 10/12/12 – cy-5/8/8 – vh- 11 – kd-8 – tascam 8 track digital recorder – peavey 6r mixer. The Weaker Side. This book addresses the common problem of proportionally unequal abilities between a drummer’s dominant and weaker muscle sets in.

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Having said all that stuff though, I do look forward to hearing your review of the book.

The strategic exercises are designed to develop the under-used muscles to cultivate a more balanced ability for controlled movement and a fluid and consistent sound. But we will keep at it, if for no other reason than to have the energy to practice longer!

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on the book.

Education Resources

Included are two cartoon-style flipbooks to illustrate motion. Hey, I had a quick look at the big yesterday and “searched inside” on Amazon I think. Freely releasing ideas around the drum set with fluidity and being totally relaxed.

Its the same thing with weight loss. He tried taking up drumming about 20 years ago with a drum teacher and he got nowhere. Thirty exercises, one minute minimum each.

The sticking methods are easy to follow and worth the effort. The third point will be to start playing more open-handed style on the drum set. The emphasis on freedom is important to both of us too.

I spent today just doing the free hand stroke with my left hand for about 40 minutes doing 8th notes from 60bpmbpm and when I went to “free time” I was already getting a better feel on my rolls around the kit. DO NOT use a symbol of any kind in your username. Co-written with drummer Joe Bergamini and clearly illustrated by Steve Leahy, the book explains and shows many legendary and controversial techniques in drumming, removing the mystery and getting directly to the details.


It is very helpful for musicians to know our strengths and weaknesses. The Weaker Side is the first step to achieving equal balance between all limbs. I have just ordered and I was wondering if anyone has gotten it and used it? We decided to write a book called The Weaker Side. He has been working with it about three hours a day for three weeks and can feel the difference.

Having decided once again to give it a try, he had me search out books and instruction disks. You can’t be a Marco Minnemman in 1 month! Organized for gradual strengthening through daily practice, the exercises can be used for both hands and feet.

Please read our VDrum. I think Alan’s hit the nail on the head. Here is an observation of many drummers relationship between their stronger slde their weaker weakee. Do things like brushing your teeth with your weaker hand, open doors and try writing. The first point is to start using your weaker hand more in your life. You would be able to express whatever was in your head.

Alan website youtube facebook group newsletter twitter message If this is your first visit, you will have to register before you can post or view specific content. Also check out www. The most common challenge they have all asked about is developing equal balance between both their hands and equal balance between feet. Everyone is always asking what to do to develop better speed, control, independence, etc.


We cannot resolve a challenge without changing the thought process that created the challenge.

does anybody have “The Weaker Side”, by Dom Famularo? – VDrums Forum

Famjlaro is what we call creative freedom! I guess sometimes we look at getting results in our weak spots like people that go on fad diets. Dom is now instructing multi-national students through the power of the web! Your emphasis on both personal creativity and the mainstay sticking moves has set him free and he is finally enjoying his hobby.

As you can see, this is about balance. That make one full year of working on that aspect. You may want to record yourself to analyze your work. It has to come from the feelings and passion of the artist, and that is what you emphasize. A challenge we see with our students is that one hand or one foot is weaker than the tbe.

From what I saw, the contents didn’t blow me away or stand out from any of the many drum books I own. Consistency will guarantee your success in technique, drumming, and in life! The harder you work…the more results you feel. But i will review it let you all know the details. When we acknowledge weakness, it leads to action. For where this book focuses, there are far too many other instructional materials available out there with regards to independence strengthening.