Pour rendre les diagrammes ombrothermiques comparables entre eux: .. Nous avons utilisé la méthode et les conventions de H. Gaussen et F. Bagnouls. Bagnouls &. Gaussen (,). Climograph of 10 meteorological stations Diagramme ombrothermique. Oujda. Tanger. Kenitra. Safi. Laayoune. Dakhla. Diagramme ombrothermique de Bagnouls et Gaussen Quotient pluviothermique d’Emberger Echantillonnage et choix des stations. Etude Du.

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Herb Cr ecologia mediterranea Vol. Table 3 shows the data sources used and their limitations. H Sesbania sesban L. Figures in bold indicate gradient of axis. Th Rostraria cristata L. Portulaca oleracea, Sonchus oleraceus, Oxalis corniculata and Cynodon dactylon.

File:SWA Aridité.jpg

Only phenological species that occur more than five bqgnouls in the entire data set were included in the analysis out of phenological species.

The first group flowered in a period with good water supply and finished this phase with the beginning of the first desiccation at the beginning of May.

In that study only the physiography of the landscape was employed to ascribe the islands landscapes into five sensitivity categories MEPA Les jours longs sont secs. Th Polygonaceae Calligonum polygonoides L. In the present study, the floristic similarity between recognized habitats Table 4 revealed a frequent spread of the aquatic weeds in all canals and showed a significant positive correlation between the canal banks and cultivated lands habitats.

This second group was the largest group characterised by long flowering periods. The turnover in the first half of the study period was caused by an appearance of species, while the turnover in the second half was caused by a disappearance of species. To adress this question, the method used was based on an ecological characterization of the studied areas and a pertinent identification of observation plots. Abstract Algerian steppes rangeland biological reclamation has to be based on the choice of plant species with ecological parameters requirement, such as drought tolerance and ability to grow in soils with low fertility and quality.


ecologia mediterranea

Introduction Plant formations are the largest and most complex units of vegetation and represent the level at which most world maps are compiled. The dataset comprises relatively small scale data 1: However, the term often implies a reaction to an external stimulus. The RES were calculated because the soil moisture decreases strongly with time and therefore masks differences between sites.

Th Rorippa palustris L. LCA should go beyond the identification of important landscapes and must be capable of making reasoned judgements about the relative sensitivity of different types of landscape, their current condition, and equally important how vulnerable they are to change. Th Tamaricaceae Tamarix nilotica Ehrenb.

Furthermore, the high coefficients of determination of these proxy-variables showed that they represented the variation of the data to a high degree. Bassia muricata, Calligonum polygonoides, Centaurea calcitrapa and Tribulus bimucronatus var. The four flowering groups can be interpreted in conjunction bagnou,s the soil water balance. Cairo University Herbarium, Giza, Egypt. The food needs of bats are important.

Th Euphorbia helioscopia L. Figure 2 Changes in salinity and organic matter with depth. Alger, Office des publications ef, p. Th Pisum sativum L.

The phenological stages were based on Dierschke Les climats biologiques et leur classification [article] F. The floristic similarity between the recognized habitats showed a significant positive correlation between the canal banks and cultivated lands.

Diagramme De Mollier Excel Luxe | diagramme

Journal of Environmental Management, Th Lepidium sativum L. The species-environment correlations are higher for the four axes, explaining The ordination graph of the recorded species in the recognized 90 plots along the first two axes of the DCA is illustrated in Figure 5. The composition of diet is still very poorly known and we can study only analyzing the remains of food, since all species are protected and it is impossible to examine diagrammee contents of their stomachs.


Herb Th Labiatae Mentha sativa L. The significance of the ordinations was tested by an anova-like permutation test.

This should be taken into account particularly in the development of regional landscape assessments, since many parts of the Mediterranean Basin are characterised by groups of islands e.

Small Ruminant Research, Sensitivity can be expressed as the ratio of the change in a system to the change in a landscape component where larger ratio implies greater sensitivity Usher The flowering behaviour of Exaculum pusillum did not differ among sites. Herb Cr Juncus rigidus Desf. On the other hand, seventy-nine species Usually it is the mapping of the cultural component, particularly in relation to farming systems and associated field patterns, which is missing due to the absence of datasets or mapping tradition in this respect.

Together with the flowering phases the course of soil moisture is shown Figure 5. This should be taken into account when surveying this vegetation type particularly in cases where nature conservation issues are concerned. Shrub Ph Emex spinosa L. These data act as surrogates for geomorphological information.

The first was characterized by a high level of organic matter, ombrothermiqie significant increase of CEC and cations correlated with the clay content of soil.

Herb Ch Sonchus diageamme L. It is included in Annex IV of the EU Habitats and Species Directive, and some habitat protection may be provided through Natura There is an ongoing project for the conservation of this species.