So the Helbrute formation is here, yay! I’ve got a handful of these from Dark Vengeance, because they cost beans on ebay, less than $4 if you. Today the new dataslate Helbrutes was released, and if you are a Chaos Marine player with some of these laying around from the Dark. Hot off the presses and hot on heels of the new Helbrute kit we have the Helbrute Dataslate. Being a long-term Chaos Space Marine player.

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Dataslate: Helbrutes

Detractors point out that the merits of the Loyalist Dreadnought do not carry over to the Helbrute – specifically the options of drop pod transport or a rifleman dreadnought setup.

And if they actually did this, they would be put into Helbrutes for lulz. Some fail an datqslate task, but have the temerity to survive.

Once the warfleet’s warriors have landed at their target, the Helbrute is unleashed, a lunatic beast of flesh and metal intent upon venting its rage on everything in its path, friend and foe alike. The spikier version of Deredeo Dreadnought. I mean just the idea of having 5 of these things as a rampaging mobile moshpit of death, smashing its way across the battlefield is enough to make me go out and buy three more kits.

For this reason, Emperor’s Children put their members to dreadnoughts as a punishmentfor example: While he can take most of the normal weapons available to dreads, doing this would be a disservice as only Sonic Weapons can be fired in Overdrive, granting the weapons Rending and Gets Hot.

Dataslate: Helbrutes | 40k Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The additional fluff builds upon the elements of the character of the Helbrute that I like the most. The resulting transformation slowly crippled his body and soul, melding him into his prison. This is what truly makes these killer-engines so dangerous apart of their daemonically powered arsenal. Yeah, keep telling us that the Thousand Sons are a misunderstood legion. Just as the unpredictability in their rules demonstrates, the various denizen commanders of the traitor legions struggle, as much as they revel, in the tactical complexities inherent in deploying Helbrutes as part of a fighting force.


As the ships of a Chaos warfleet approach their prey, the Helbrute’s heavy datasltae are prepared and loaded, its power scourges and hammer-like fists are daubed with fresh hebrutes and its sarcophagus is installed. Lastly, the Murderpack is a vehicle unit of 5 Helbrutes with one of them designated as a champion conferring both an Aura of Dark Glory and Character special rules, he also confers rage onto his unit if he goes down ; they also get to choose which Crazed result they have.

Right then… Imperial Knight converted to Helbrute champion anyone?

Cultists – Pestigors – Plague Zombie – Poxwalkers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Storm Eagle – Stormbird – Thunderhawk. They then flense the body of the poor sod with warpfire, keeping him conscious the whole time, and lock him in the Helbrute forevermore.

However, the loss of such menial warriors is of little matter to the Lords of Chaos, many of whom view even these deaths as a suitable offering to the Gods. These Traitor Legions will use their Helbrutes as mobile armoured idols, encouraging great masses of Cultists to clamour around the armoured walkers and follow them into battle.

Although I helrbutes think that the Mayhem Pack has some serious potential and in the right situation the Helcult could be very handy. Indeed, they present such a powerful asset to any Champion of Chaos that wars have been fought over the facilities to achieve their creation. A Black Legion Helbrute. The table below covers helbruges effect of the dice rolls on 1d Daemon Engines of Nurgle: A Helbrute of the Chaos Space Marines. Each Helbrute holds a living Astartes within its plated metal chest — a Chaos Space Marine driven over the edge of madness by the never-ending cycle of battle that defines the Long Helbdutes.

That treatment was what made Chaos Contemptors different from their Imperial counterparts. Well, that didn’t last too long. Some will plant their feet and howl their fury as their weapons blaze, losing the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. The madness of the Chaos Space Marine within burns ever fiercer as he rises from the depths of his dormancy. These are the Mayhem Pack, Helcult and Helfist Murderpack; all of them tweak both the brutes’ survivability and usefulness in one way or another.


Fortunately, you can still have your sonic dreadnought via rules exploit although it’s now a Helbrute. Contemptors were standard equipment back when the Traitor Legions were still loyal to the Emperor.

Post was not dataslat – check your email addresses! The occasional slaughter occurs when an adoring flock find their idol turning upon them with guns blazing. Actually, so much has changed between the editions that we’ve walked back to portions of 2nd edition. However, the target priority harkens back to 3.

Dataslate: Chaos Helbrute – A Review

What we do know is that the Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought bristles with weaponry The brute can exchange its multi-melta for a reaper autocannon, plasma cannon, twin-linked lascannon or another power fist; the premier power fist can be exchanged for a power scourge S8, AP2, -D3 to enemy model WS in base contactthunder hammer or missile launcher.

There has been much debate as to how to use the Helbrute effectively. Notably less-noble than its Space Marine counterpart, the Chaos Dreadnought is usually piloted by former Chaos Champions who were cut down in their prime. Ads by Project Wonderful! This is made worse by the fact that what a given Legion does with its Dreadnought occupants varies dramatically on an individual basis.

But anyone who can maintain the blessings of Lady Luck and Admiral Awesome would have found a place in their hearts and armies for the Chaos Dreadnought. If nothing else, a Helbrute is an excellent linebreaker — their physical appearance and maddened howls alone are enough to send lesser foes fleeing in fear for their lives. Some threaten their master’s power, and must be removed.

Others are simply unfortunate enough to be too injured to fight back when the Warpsmiths begin their post-battle harvest.