The Complete Psionics Handbook is a supplemental rulebook for the 2nd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, published in by. The Complete Psionics Handbook (5e) – A simple, straightforward, playable psionics framework for 5th Edition using the Player’s Handbook. I wrote this in for AD&D 2nd Edition, having never read TSR’s Psionics Handbook. Be amused. This was reformatted for the web in.

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Can fast for 10 days before they start to feel hungry, and can go without water for two days before they are thirsty.

You don’t need to say “can make a melee weapon attack roll”, it’s just a melee weapon attack. Wrathful Assault All great points. Order of the Knife is my favorite at the moment, but it definitely needs some love right now.


Dark Sun Dark Sun: April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Despite the fact that there are lots of problems, I still really do like your implementation overall. At the end of handboom day, while it may not be perfectly elegant, it’s simple enough and it works reasonably well.

Apparently the post was too long to post, so the second part will be my reply to this comment. Character sheet for the wu jen from Complete Arcane. Character sheet for the wilder from the Expanded Psionics Handbook. While focused on this discipline, you regain 2 hit point at the end of your turn as long as you have 1 or more hit points remaining. Be Constructive and Civil. Barbarians may not use psionic powers or maintain psychic focus while raging. The loss of your hit points cannot be avoided in any way.


I’m curious about how people feel about having those two simply use a dice roll like nearly everything else does, or some other alternative not based on mystic level. You may have seen my posts in the last few weeks, where I’ve been working on homebrewing more content for the mystic class.

This power can be countered or falsified by magical means, according to the nature of the magic. In fact, the Psionics Handbook wasn’t really compatible with 3. Once such an attempt psionnics failed, the psionicists must wait a full hour before making another attempt.

Telepaths can not read minds. Being able to do quite a bit of damage twice per day is not a big deal. I’m a bit guilty of getting excited about posting an update and not proofreading as well as I should.

They are almost immune to addiction, but if they become addicted to a substance, they can break out of their addiction twice as quickly as non-psionicists can.

The Psionics Handbook (2E)

Technically, the table for this discipline shows that the minimum psi points that can be used is 2, so it should probably be “C “. I’m guessing this is just an editing mistake. As an action, batter the mind of a creature within feet. You can become incorporeal. So the two versions of the class interacting on the same table would be pretty unremarkable. If the psionicist is killed while occupying a mind, contact with the occupied mind slowly fades over the course of several hours, and then the psionicist ceases to exist.


Not in the least bit! If you are subject to charmed or frightened condition under this psilnics you can make the hsndbook throw with advantage. During the next round rounds must be consecutivethe target loses 1d6HP and a point of strength strength regained after a handbpok day’s rest.

D&D Expanded Psionics Handbook | Dragon

Psychokinesis Psychokinesis is habdbook synonymous with telekinesis. Description One of the simplest and least draining of all psionic powers. Re-worked the Strength of Mind so that it can be used by multiclass mystic.

Tristian 1, 1 Thanks for putting this together. Psionicists can detect who is using energy drain on them immediately. Thanks for catching that. Replaced acid breath with something new.