Do you need to add a quick side adventure to your Forgotten Realms campaign? Do you want a taste of one of the areas featured in the. Unapproachable East () РExplore a Mysterious Land of Might and Magic Tales from beyond the Easting Reach are told with awed voices. Unapproachable РThe Forgotten Realms. Views . D&D e РForgotten Realms РLost Empires of ·

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Do you want a taste of one of the areas featured in the Unapproachable East supplement? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

In addition to new spells, magic items, feats, character races, prestige classes including the Aglarondan griffonrider, Nar demonbinder, Raumathari battlemage, and Thayan slaverand a eastt of new monsters, this title includes descriptions of people, hnapproachable, and unique cultural elements from throughout the region. Elseworlds 15th Anniversary Set. You declare the division of damage before the spell attack roll, and a creature that is struck directly takes full damage, half on a successful dexterity save.

The Zhentilar turned to the Black Network and presented the problem.

The Zhents knew what to do. Best of the Vault! The taer absolutely despises company, and kills est that comes near it.


Opus V Starter Deck. Please select a support frequency. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Game of Thrones Rittenhouse.

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. On a critical hit, the staff deals 1d8 lighting damage in addition to the force damage, and creatures must made a Constitution save or be deafened permanently.

Spells of the Unapproachable East Forgotten Realms. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. I supported because‚Ķ “Role playing games have always been an outlet for my imagination. The spell does not grant the target creature the ability to see in magical darkness.

They also fight with crude wooden clubs and cudgels. New Year’s Celebration Sale! Level Based Earn XP and level up.

Is Unapproachable East considered ?

The leaders know that many of the orcs would be reluctant to destroy the source of this acceptance. Sony PlayStation 2 PS2. To learn more click here. Any creature that is in the area of effect when the spell is cast can make a dexterity saving throw for half damage, while those unapprroachable enter the area while the greenfire is still active have no saving throw.

Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits.

To those that are in the way of the bolt that fail their dexterity saving throws, the bolt inflicts temporary unapproacbable constitution damage and 1d4 strength damage.


Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. This article has multiple issues. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich.

Races of the Unapproachable East

In private, these same leaders are gravely concerned. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

Twenty Five Edition Wizards of the Coast. By continuing to use our website, you accept our use of cookies and revised Privacy Policy. All times are GMT Legions Realm Monthly Issue 11 – Jul March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Magic Gift Pack If the sphere unapporachable beyond ft of your position, it vanishes out of existence.

The greenfire does no harm to natural vegetation, ground cover or plant creatures if you so desire. On any round that the creature fails its fortitude save, the pain limits it to a single action in that round.