Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University, School of Cultural Sciences, Faculty Member. Studies Cultural Heritage, Archaeological Theory, and Heritage Studies . The latest Tweets from Cornelius Holtorf (@CorneliusKalmar). Going places with archaeology and heritage. Kalmar, Sverige. Cornelius Holtorf. Meta-stories of archaeology. (accepted for publication in World Archaeology Issue 3, ). ABSTRACT. I argue that archaeologists contribute.

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World Archaeology 50 4. Cultural biography of places. A second group of papers address issues of learning. Based on events that took place at a conference in Kalmar, Sweden in September Russian translation by V E. Averting loss aversion in cultural heritage.

Time travel experiences and associated social practices have become ubiquitous and popular, increasingly replacing more knowledge-oriented and critical approaches to the past. The Zoo as a Realm of Memory more.

A comment on Schaepe et al, Archaeology as Therapy: Contem- porary heritage policies and practices are a result of a particular historical trajectory that will keep evolving in the future, and future heritage may not resemble past and present heritage at all.


Nuclear power and beyond. Special Issue, Heritage Erasure. The Past People Want: World Heritage in Perspective [A comment on Brattli]. On the Possibility of Time Travel more. Journal of the World Archaeological Congress. He also warns holtprf about the nationalism and xenofobia that an unreflective use of heritage may unwillingly support.

Linnaeus University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities The deliberate use of anachronism is an important method in understanding ourselves and the nature of knowledge gained about the past.

The Past as Carnival: Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology. My aim conelius to contribute to the future development of indigenous archaeologies by giving them the critical attention they deserve and I am also asking what the discernible trends and transformations over time, imply for how we are to understand contemporary forms of living history cirnelius related genres.

Archaeology in the Contemporary World. Themed Environments in Transcultural Perspectives. Hodder The Archaeological Process. Challenges in identifying the heritage of globalized citizens. Veit and a response by me. Reconstruction as tools of future-making.


No future in archaeological heritage management? Fragments from a Conversation about Contemporary Archaeologies. Corneelius of Archaeology, Linnaeus University. Cultural AstronomyAstronomyand Space Research. The archaeology of twentieth century conflict more. English Literature and Archaeology more.

Cornelius Holtorf

Other Other academic Holtorf, C. The archaeology of tigers. Wallace Digging the Dirt. ArchaeologyPublic Archaeologyand Cultural Heritage.

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Cornelius Holtorf

Challenges in identifying the heritage of globalized citizens. A review of G. This chapter is based on fieldwork at Land of Legends, Lejre, Denmark. However, in this text the author argues that archaeologists searching for the past will instead find their present.