Overview / The Component-and-Connector Viewtype from Documenting Software Architectures(c) Views and Beyond. Relation to Other Viewtypes / The Component-and-Connector Viewtype from Documenting Software Architectures(c) Views and Beyond. the architectural artifacts and the rest of the model. Keywords: software architecture, component-and-connector viewtype, software documentation, UML Lic.

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Styles of the Component-and-Connector Viewtype

This system contains a shared repository that is accessed by servers and an administrative component.

But other problems are more specifically related to the use of components and connectors to portray a system’s execution structure. Software Architecture in Practice 2nd Edition. Conversely, the pipe connector does not appear in the module view, although one might argue that it is most closely associated with the module Stdio. The Definitive Guide Definitive Guides.

Overview | The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

Each of the three types of connectors shown in Figure 3. In particular, there is a natural relationship between the componentsSplit, To-upper, To-lower, and Mergeand the modules that carry out the bulk of the computation. Viewtypes and Styles P.

The system contains a shared repository of customer accounts Account Database accessed by two servers and an administrative component. Click here to find out more. We discuss sixpipe-and-filter, shared-data, cohnector, client-server, peer-to-peer, and communicating-processesthat apply to a wide variety of systems and provide enough semantic richness to illustrate documentation principles.


Software Architecture in Practice 2nd Edition. Finally, even in these types of cases, some correspondences are worth noting. Viewtypes and Styles P. This website uses cookies.

The Process of Software Architecting. For example, a component may be a server in a client-server system. For example, if the view documents early, coarse-grained design decisions that will be refined later, it will probably include abstract connector types that will need to be refined later. Such supporting documentation should explain how Account ServerBackup provides reliability for the total system.

c) Component-and-Connector (C&C) Views – Software Architecture in Practice

This variant of the client-server style supports transparent failover to a backup server. Software Architectures and Documentation P. What is Lean Six Sigma. Software Architectures and Documentation P.

Python Standard Library Nutshell Handbooks with. Additionally, component-and-connector models include as elements the pathways of interaction, such as communication links and protocols, information flows, and access to shared storage. If you may any questions please contact us: Click here to viewgype out more.

Choosing the appropriate forms of interaction between computational elements is a critical aspect of an architect’s task. Implementation of this connecter will probably involve runtime mechanisms that detect when a server has gone down, queue client requests, handle attachment and detachment of clients, and so on.

Note also that connectors need not be binary: Interprocess Communications in Linux: The client-server connector allows a set of viewty;e clients to retrieve data synchronously via service requests.


This website uses cookies. Such a view may contain many instances of the same component type. Often, these interactions are carried out using complex infrastructure, such as middleware frameworks, distributed communication channels, and process schedulers.

Relation to Other Viewtypes

Each of the components is a filter that transforms character streams. Other interactions might represent multiparty forms of communication, such as event broadcast, or n-way data synchronization. The Viestype of Software Architecting. Thus, assuming that both client-server and shared-data styles are important to understanding the system, views in both styles will include the same component, showing different patterns of interaction. These client components communicate among themselves by publishing and subscribing to events.

This website uses cookies. Seven Rules for Sound Documentation P. Similarly, by knowing properties about the reliability of the individual servers, you might be able to produce numeric estimates of the overall reliability of viewtypf system, using some form of reliability analysis. In this view, the relation between modules is uses, as described in Chapter 2.