Cobian Backup uses a simplified approach to backing up and restoring your . Manually, This will allow you to type out the path to the files or. Cobian Backup is an excellant free backup software for Windows. Read this review and tutorial to learn how to use Cobian Backup. This is a step-by-step guide on how to install the Cobian Backup software. Cobian is a simple file replication software that allows users to restore lost/ damaged.

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Your data is often not static, it may baackup often and you need to be careful and backup any changes you do with your data.

The program will now install and when it has completed click on the Done button to finish the installation. Could you add the backup type to the file names? With this in mind, I Q- I want to make an incremental or differential backup but the program keeps making full backups. Cobian Backup does not contain burning drivers, so you must rely on 3d party drivers.

This approach makes it much easier and faster to find and restore files that you are looking for. How to detect vulnerable and out-dated programs using Secunia Personal Software Inspector PSI One of the most important things a user can do to keep their computer secure is make sure they are using the latest security updates for Windows and their installed programs.

Just click Yes to cobiwn. Q – I want to exclude a subdirectory from several folders.

Cobian Backup – An Excellent Free Backup Software for Windows

If you doesn’t have enough free space on your default temporary folder when compressing a BIG file or huge amount of data, the zip file may become corrupted. And sure it seems logical that the almighty Administrator should have access to all files, but… that is not necessarily true. For example, Proftpd can be configured to send hidden files in a listing: FTP backup is also supported in both hackup download and upload.


However I get a message saying that there are some errors.

However, as time goes on you rely more and more on the information stored on your PC. Q- I am behind a firewall or NAT network system.

Cobian Backup : Review, Tutorial, Free Download

Check the NTFS security attributes of the directory where the program is located. If you have this or other similar software installed, you can backup directly onto your CD.

Q – I get a popup window when the interface starts. This means that this will only work if the service is running under the Local System account Windows only. On older versions, if you are auto-starting the program, you need to edit the registry.

If you don’t like it, just disable it. Q- I’m trying to impersonate a user in a task but it fails. I was surprised to find so many options included in a freeware. The transfers work but the engine seems to freeze The FTP protocol in general is not firewall friendly, as it uses multiple socket connections to perform its work.

I can change the archive attribute manually, yet, the program cannot do the same. To restore a file it is as simple as opening your backup folder in Windows Explorer, selecting the backup that you wish to restore from, and copying the file out of the folder.

I have a zip filecreated with Cobian Backup. Do NOT ask me questions privately by mail, they may never get answered. Use the Translation tool under the menu Tools and send the 2 string files back to me. Anyway, if you want to torture your system, you can download version 3 or 4 from my site. Click on the Next button. The creation of the snapshot is pretty fast, but there is no need to force the system to make a shadow copy if you know that none of the files to backup will be in use.

The program cannot access a network drive. Having these backups on hand can save manial a lot of trouble and stress when having power problems, infected machines, corrupt hard drives, or just when you need to reinstall the operating system.


Compressing directly to a remote location can eat a lot of bandwidth as well. This will open a screen where you can select the directories and files you wish to backup and the folder that you will store the backups. Utilizing this strategy not only provides a great deal of protection bakcup your files but also greatly reduces the amount of storage space required to store your nanual.

I found this backup freeware quite nice. I have a question about Bac,up Backup.

Q- I get a popup window when the interface starts. This error could be caused by a lack of space in the destination directory or temporary folder or by trying to create an archive larger than 2Gb on backpu FAT partition. Passive transfers use outbound connections, which firewalls and NAT routers are more likely to allow and work with.

It’s very possible to find the answer backu almost any question about Cobian Backup in the support forum. For example trying to backup to a non-existing FTP directory will give you an error: If your service is running under an account different from LocalService, then if you change the password of the account, the service will fail baackup logon, because it tries to logon using the old password.

Being an Administrator means that you can potentially access any file but if some user or the system eliminates the Administrator as a member of the list of allowed users, guess what… the backup program will not have access either to those files. When the computer is started it can take some time until the bafkup get started, so you can ignore this error. You will now be back at the main screen for the Cobian Backup program and your new task will be listed in the All Tasks section. CobLazy is a “Before backup” plugin.