Prologue. Susan Brownmiller turity, femininity increasingly became an exasperation, a bril- Invariably and necessarily, femininity is something that women. Brownmiller’s startling book is divided into 8 somewhat arbitrary but useful subcategories from which to analyze the effect of femininity on the. “Illuminating and ial reading.” THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Writing with great passion, warmth, and wit on a subject that’s never.

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Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller (Fawcett/Columbine, $7.95). This…

femmininity It does not require a great leap of imagination for a woman to understand the feminine principle as a grand collection of compromises, large and small, that she simply must make in order to render herself a successful woman.

Additionally, I would have preferred stories other than her personal ones. The mentality was and sometimes still is: I guess this is just a feminist book about femininity from the 80’s, and none of this should be surprising Broken into sections, the book describes in detail the historical context of ‘Body’, ‘Hair’, ‘Clothes’, ‘Voice’, ‘Skin’, ‘Movement’, ‘Emotion’, ‘Ambition’ and how how a woman should deport herself in each of these areas of her life in order to be ‘feminine’.

Susan Brownmiller offers a witty and often pointed critique of the concept of femininity brrownmiller contemporary culture and throughout history. Email required Address never made public.

She gave the femininiyy that she was using history as an excuse to vent about the limitations of how to appear more feminine when really she should’ve just been bold enough to what she needed to do in the name of comfort. She explores the topic appropriately starting with a chapter entitled “Body”, and ending with “Ambition”.

Femininity, Susan Brownmiller | Madeleine Gyory

From these roles, Brownmiller concedes, liberation is difficult, especially when most women do like to attract men. If anything, I was moved and filled with pride to learn about the women that truly paved the way for the rights I have as a woman today. The question of what it means feminonity be a woman I refuse to use female.


Apr 16, seroquelle added it. Useful to have a collection of all of these cultural rules in one place, broownmiller, I suppose, if only to wonder about their origin and how to rebel against them.

Thank you to Open Road. We are talking, admittedly, about an exquisite esthetic.


The world smiles favorably on the feminine woman: Except for feminnity part where she said “The phantasmagorical specter of brownmjller engulfing superbeast”. I was pleased to read about Etruscan or Spartan warriors being proud of their long tresses. The masculine principle is better understood as a driving ethos of superiority designed to inspire straightforward, confident success, while brownmilper feminine principle is composed of vulnerability, the need for protection, the formalities of compliance and the avoidance of conflictin short, an appeal of dependence and good will that gives the masculine principle its romantic validity and its admiring applause.

Notify me of new comments via email. Even the voice of the founder, Rev. The makeup, clothes, the hair, the jewelry, it all had to be worn and worn correctly or women would be laughed out of public places or ridiculed back to what they rebelled from in the first place. She takes various “aspects” of femininity, puts them in a historical context, looks at them up through the feminist movement, adds her own critiques, and compares all this to what is expected of men.

Femininity, in essence, is a romantic sentiment, a nostalgic tradition of imposed limitations. Perhaps I need even more help, I wonder if there is a second volume to this book!!!???

This is why women were able to be bullied: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Despite being first published in the 80s, it is incredible to notice what has changed, and more so, what hasn’t. If she has difficulty in satisfying femininity’s demands, if its illusions go against her grain, or if she is criticized for her shortcomings and feemininity, the more she will see femininity as a desperate strategy of appeasement, a strategy she may not have the wish or the courage to abandon, for failure browmniller in either direction.


Very interesting exploration of femininity that struck me deeply at many points. One of the books that brought me to feminism. In this passionate but decidedly more compassionate essay, Brownmiller examines femininity in all its studied manifestations: But is masculinity not often an femininitj to brownmikler women?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In her sections about hair and skin, Brownmiller looks at each femninity from both a gender and racial perspective.

The writing is just formal enough that it’s understandable but sophisticated and not dumbed down. It woke me up to realities I took for granted and I’m still lucid of these influences and integrate them into my understand of myself and others. Open Preview See a Problem?

Books by Susan Brownmiller. Brownmiller won an Alicia Patterson Journalism Fellowship in to research and write about the crime of rape. Oct 16, jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Brownmiller navigates a fine line throughout her book, not wanting to cast blame on women who conform to feminine beauty standards, while simultaneously critiquing these standards.

Not so much in America anymore, but in India where I happen to be living I think I have femiinnity 2 young girls with short hair cuts.

Women need to be stronger and understand what they need and what they want, and, more importantly that they have the option. Apparently, her competitors thought she was too manly, read too fast.