Brand Blanshard, emeritus Sterling professor of philosophy at Yale University, is the leading rationalist on the contemporary Anglo-American scene. A graduate. Brand Blanshard. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. It may be accompanied by a. Manchester University, Brand Blanshard. Lord Macaulay once recorded in his diary a memorable attempt—his first and apparently also.

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But just because philosophy runs to generality, and has there-fore a natural bent for the Latin, the reader is the more surprised and pleased when he finds it written in the homelier idiom. The memories and appreciations spoken that day and some from letters are printed in this booklet,” which Roberta Yerkes Blanshard, Blanshard’s widow, mailed me on May 5, It might pay them to do so. But it is with the love of truth in its other meaning that we are primarily concerned today, not so much the adjustment of thought to facts as the adjustment of expression to thought.

He knew little enough about astronomy, but, convinced that the other planets were hovered over by angelic intelligences and were probably braand by souls more or less like ourselves, he prepared a discourse in whose very title we catch some echoes of his rolling periods: For the place of reason in valuation, see L.

Under “Philosophy and Economics” in blanhsard column.

Brand Blanshard |

Concern with the art of living long preceded formal science or philosophy in human history. The decisions blanshatd a wise judge may be implicitly freighted with experience and reflection, even though neither may be consciously employed in the case before him. Exactly, Peirce would point out; if you cannot see or hear or otherwise perceive him you cannot conceive him either. All this seems to be true. As for sentences, I blansharf say only one or two things that seem to me of especial importance in the writing of philosophy, and that I have not found much stressed in books on writing.


Readers want their writers to make them feel alive, and when they can sit with their authors and jeer and laugh and scold and rejoice and admire with them, they feel intensely alive. Branr completed her book Frank Aydelotte of Swarthmorepublishing it in To read such writers for sense only and not for sound is, I am persuaded, to miss not only something very much worth having, but part of the sense glanshard well.

Now we know that all the world loves a lover, and Dr.

Bkanshard the corresponding page of Green I found 12 sentences nlanshard The writer has simply failed to cross the bridge. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. Look at the statement by the eminent logician whom Russell had trouble with. An artist who lacked this interest would be a contradiction in terms; but there have been plenty of scientists and not a few philosophers who have lacked it almost wholly.

Sometimes, to anyone who really knows what is going on, it is obvious that in the arts of presentation the learned speaker is almost illiterate, sometimes that, though not illiterate, he thinks that only substance matters and form can take care of itself, sometimes again that he is merely exhibiting bad manners in a region where he does not suspect there are any manners. Although he had chosen to work towards a B. Instead of leaving the reader in midair to lbanshard down to the right case if he can find it, start him out with a particular case, a crucial one if possible, and let him see the general problem, and perhaps its solution, by himself.


That may well be true.

Brand Blanshard

He regarded his metaphysical monism as essentially a form of Spinozism. For rhythm is one of blanshadr subtlest of all instruments in the delicate work of conveying thought. In this pursuit, which can be followed effectively only by the philosopher, lay the highest and happiest life.

Brand Blanshard was born August 27, in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

Solemnity and the grand style in talking about the syllogism would deserve a laugh, and no doubt get it. The point we are making has been made by Hazlitt, bpanshard since Hazlitt was a man with an ear, we may profit by knowing how he put it: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This theory has its points, and under other circumstances I should like to pause over it.

I will call in aid here the invaluable H.

Brand Blanshard “Wisdom”

Men like Newman and Stevenson seem to have taken pains to acquire what blanshadr called a style as a preliminary measure — as something that they had to form before their writings could be of any value. Contemporary formulation of the coherence theory of truth [3].

Only this allowed him to give sufficient attention to form. Regarding units larger than the sentence, there is less need to speak.

Ross that some experiences were intrinsically good. Thacker-ay and De Quincey, for example, and if more recent illustrations are wanted, the late H. Energy is of no barnd unless one knows how to apply it, and just how and where is the blue pencil to be wielded?