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Math lover or not, readers should succumb to the charms of this highly entertaining biography of medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. Book Review: Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci. Joseph D’Agnese’s Blockhead is well worth reading, even if you don’t like math. By Shala. Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci. Buon giorno! I bid you welcome! Register or simply click to enter. — Leonardo Fibonacci. “ charming and accessible ”.

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Aug 10, Alyson rated it really liked it Shelves: But the section on the Fibonacci spiral pages is not drawn to scale nor is it labeled, which makes it a bit difficult for readers to understand the concept.

A page at the back of the book provides some additional biographical information about Fibonacci. He invites readers to look again through his story and find the places bockhead his Fibonacci sequence appears.

A page at the back of the book provides some additional biographical information a Leonardo Fibonacci was a mathematician who lived in or middle ages.

Great, simple introduction into the largely unknown life of Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci.

Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci

It is also prevalent in architecture, music, poetry and art. Aug 09, Denise rated it liked ,ife. Support Your Local Bookstore. For all his work, Leonardo Fibonacci is best known for the number pattern in his famous rabbit problem. Aug 05, Laura Book Scrounger rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 03, Becky rated it really liked it. While on a trip with his merchant father to a city in northern Hte, Fibonacci noticed merchants using a new numeral system borrowed from the Hindi in India, rather than the traditional Roman numerals.

The author had to take some liberties with facts since so little is known about him. Don’t let it escape your grasp! When students label him a blockhead, he runs into the streets of Pisa to see the Tower of Pisa being built wrong because the math was miscalculated p.


Blockhead -The Life of Fibonacci – Children’s book

Responsive Theme powered by WordPress. Best of all, I loved the exchange between Alfredo and the bullied young mathematician: The Life of Fibonacci as I also do not all that much enjoy John O’Brien’s accompanying illustrations, appreciating the depictions of buildings, of architectural structures, but yes, finding the human figures kind of creepy, with the hairdos in particular looking more like strange woolen hats than actual hair.

Fibonacci, the man modern math I love this book! The book makes a marvelous teaching resource and addition to classroom libraries and also a great addition to home bookshelves.

These precise compositions allow each leaf to get enough sunlight, make room for the correct number of petals, or squeeze in as many seeds as possible.

Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci by Joseph D’Agnese

However, and my own quibbles with certain aspects of this book quite notwithstanding, I still do in fact highly recommend Blockhead: The story highlighted Fibonacci’s fascination with numbers, his work with Hindu numerals, and the Fibonacci numbers. Constantly counting and thinking of numbers, he begins to see mathematical patterns in nature.

Attention math teachers- better get this and start up some lesson plans, aided by some suggestions for activities in the back! Browse All Our Content. This same sequence that we know now describes how living things prosper, such as flowers and mollusks.

Blockhead – The Life of Fibonacci

One was about a pair of rabbits. In Greece he learned geometry, and in Sicily he used division and subtraction.

I would have enjoyed seeing the Fibonacci sequence explained a little more clearly visually, with more details on real world applications of the principle. There are also several other math and number related activities listed on the last page. This is the story of the famous Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Fibonacci, who is considered to be the greatest western Middle Ages mathematician.


His ability to think for himself and put aside the thoughts and opinions of othersto think outside the box, and to build his daydreams into a numerical reality radiate warmth, truth, and beauty.

It isn’t until later that he discover The book “Blockhead: He realized that these numbers could be used in different ways—to draw a spiral; the same type of spiral found within pinecones and bkockhead center of a sunflower. Have students try to do a simple math problem using Roman numerals, then do the same problem with Arabic numerals.

As Leonardo grew older, his father sent him on trips to other countries to conduct business. It’s a wonderful story of numbers and a boy’s willingness to devote his energy to the thing he loved the most, despite the name-calling and teasing that it generated. As Fibonacci grows up, he learns of the different uses of numbers and mathematical problems in foreign countries. While with Alfredo, Fibonacci creates a mathematical problem dealing with rabbits. From that problem, Fibonacci discovers a special set of numbers that are naturally found in bloxkhead environment: Using anecdotes such as the birds in the trees and the rabbit riddle, he invites readers to think like Fibonacci, leading to a better understanding and enjoyment of his life story and the mathematical concept.

A decent explanation of the Fibonacci principle is included in a way that won’t cause children to lose interest.